Post your landing page and let others describe what your company does!

David Delahunty
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1. Visit someone else's landing page for 10 seconds, then come back and tell them what you think their product does. 2. Link to your own landing page, but don't say anything about it.


Egan Bisma There doesn't seem to be other comments, will wait for landing pages to look into :)
Hussein Yahfoufi
@just_egan Chrome Extension that recognizes the movie you are watching on Netflix and shows you the script that goes along the scenes
Egan Bisma
@husseinyahfoufi bingo! were you able to derive that just by the heading/subheading, or did you have to watch the demo or read the FAQ at the bottom?
Ruso Bhattacherjee
@just_egan Hussein has summed it up well. To me, this seems a bit confusing: "Replace subtitles with screenplays". Cause in the video I can see the subtitles and screenplay at the same time. Why don't you use this sentence from your Chrome Web Store description: "Watch Netflix movies with its screenplays side-by-side". Simple. Direct. Easy to understand. I liked the heading and the logo 🙂 Small typo: It should be "... Filmmaker's..."
Hussein Yahfoufi
@michael_andreuzza UI templates that can help you kickstart your project, already responsive and all so you don't have to worry about which framework to use and set up a grid, etc.
Michael Andreuzza
@olha_trykush completely wrong buddy. - We make them, manually at the moment. - We do not customize the.. At least you tried, and I thank you for that.
Egan Bisma
@husseinyahfoufi App that congregates your net worth and investments based on multiple external fintech apps and groups them up in a comprehensible manner using charts
Michael Andreuzza
@husseinyahfoufi an application to see where you money comes from and goes to. Please, have a look to the scrollbar, it has lower Z-Index that your navbar. It took me 4 tries to understand that I couldn't scroll because of that andhave a loot the UX and accessibility.
Hussein Yahfoufi
@michael_andreuzza thank you! sorry to bug you, would you mind sharing your operating system and browser?
Hussein Yahfoufi
@michael_andreuzza thank you, I really appreciate it! I always forgot to check Windows :( I removed the sticky navbar for now
Eden Tadesse
@just_egan @husseinyahfoufi @olha_trykush Apologies for the server error! Could you check now? Thanks!
Greg Oprendek
@indothopian A platform that connects skilled refugees with job-seeking companies to help users gain employment opportunities in their field while helping companies find hidden talent. BTW the site looks great! Have you thought about rebranding the domain name at all?
Eden Tadesse
@gtolapa yes, exactly! 🙂 And yeah we're going to do that soon - just testing out the site's functionalities.
Olga Trykush Many thanks in advance to everyone 😊
Sid Saxsena
@olha_trykush Hey! Your Platform can help users create their own Brand Books, its a very good idea, good luck!
Robin Nessensohn
@tzuan thanks! very on point and thanks for mentioning the category buttons! we're working on that :)
Gabriel Bujold Looking forward for any valuable feedback :)
Kevin Hawkins Thanks all! We want to launch a new site soon so curious what people think of our first one.