What are you currently working on?

David Delahunty
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What side project are you currently working on? Share a link below (if you have one) & let other PH members provide some constructive feedback.


Software Engineer
Hello everyone! :) I am working on KwickBox. The first incognito mode-based platform for CV's https://kwickbox.cloud
Founder | Dev | UIUX unwrapped.design
I am working on wickedtemplates.com
Helping Makers Look Better 👕
I'm currently building a clothing label designed for makers - Maker Threads. After validating the initial idea, I've just spent some time rebuilding the site to create an engaging user experience. Would absolutely love any candid feedback from anyone - both good or bad You can check it out here: https://makerthreads.co
A business website. Plus I want to learn how to write more product reviews. I hope to launch in October.
I am writing an eBook for my client
Building Conversational Interfaces
Working on a Instagram Plugin for Shopify 👉 Stories for Shopify
Hi, I'm working on http://gotohttp.com . GotoHTTP is a cross-platform remote control software. User only need to install the software to the remote device that is going to be controlled. Then the device can be controlled in web browser from anywhere.
Co-Founder at Best Writing
Hunting writing jobs and posting them here: https://contentwritingjobs.com
Marketing Specialist @ Channels
⚽️TwoxFootball - https://twoxfootball.com/ - it's a brief two-times-a-week newsletter with everything a football head may want to read about. Football news, transfer rumours, game previews, scores, statistics, and interviews. Delivered two times a week, no more need to go through all the news sites on a daily basis.
Artist, decentralization activist
I am finishing the MVP testing of https://copyrage.com/
Android Developer, YouTuber
unitMeasure.xyz Thank you ;)
I've been working on The Joy of Svelte, hoping to finish it soon! https://joyofsvelte.com/
Digital Marketing
Hello Everyone, I hope you and your family are doing well during these tough times. I am working on ProPorfs Help Desk software. ProProfs Help Desk software is a cloud based ticketing system and online support desk software. It is simple and easy to use and improves customer support. Here is the product URL: https://www.proprofsdesk.com/
Hi everyone! I am currently working on a new premium addition of the Mobilo Card. Mobilo Card is designed to change the networking approach from exchanging paper-based business cards to sharing contacts and social profiles with just a tap. Do check out the product page of the upcoming addition: http://mobilocard.com/comingsoon/ I would love to get your thoughts and feedback. Thanks
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