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David Delahunty
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Hi Makers Here's the 5 ideas roundup today, check out my newsletter (link below) if you like what you see. šŸš€ 5 ideas: 1. An app so you can find out where your nearest ice cream van is. 2. Digital piggy bank that displays how much you have inside. 3. Instagram should allow you to repost other users post to your feed. 4. A hybrid between Tinder & Yelp. The ability to leave a review AFTER your date. 5. Gordon Ramsay alarm clock. Gordon throws insults at you until you wake up. Join 9,013 happy members who get five ideas in their inboxes weekly, for free at


Smart Design
Is it weekly or daily ?
David Delahunty
@smart_design It's weekly (every Sunday), I tried daily but people didn't like getting an email every day :)
Wei Chun
Your newsletter was great for my brainstorming sessions!