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Aaron O'Leary
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Hi Makers! This thread is dedicated to you if you are: (1) launching soon or recently launched (2) looking for beta users (3) asking for feedback on a landing page First, start by helping out another maker. You can check out their launch, give their product a review or share a comment on their launch post. Once you've helped someone else out, share your product link here and BE SPECIFIC about who your target audience is and how we can help. 😊


Monika Ben
Hey everyone! Today we launched In-Store Surveys, a new and faster way to collect customer feedback right at the point of sale. Check it out: In-Store Feedback Surveys are not just for airports and retail giants.’s kiosk mode turns any old tablet into a smart feedback terminal. No tablet? No problem! Each custom feedback survey comes with a QR code you can print and put near your cashier.
Chelsea Randall
@monika_ben this is great! I always press the smiley face buttons on those stands at the airports. I think this is a great way to get feedback - I think people are more receptive to this than a "Survey" at the bottom of the receipt.
Dominic Norton
Hi there! I'm working on a website that helps remote teams find virtual team bonding activities. If you've worked remotely, would love to hear your feedback. We have teams from Google, Wix, Bloomberg, and more testing the site. Open to all feedback
Jacob Miller
@dominic_norton So important for remote work going forward. We've seen an increase in demand for this too.
Oleksandr Senyuk
@dominic_norton I can see how this can be applied in classrooms, too. It's unclear how to use Mize at the moment, though. Also: how did you recruit your beta testing groups?
Chelsea Randall
@dominic_norton Our IT Department was not prepared for Remote Work when COVID happened. Our organization values the culture of the department. We were just talking in a leadership meeting how to keep everyone engaged remotely. This is a great idea. I was brining up Jackbox which might not always be work appropriate.
Andrew Balbekov
@dominic_norton Hi Dominic! I love your landing page, it looks professional and clear. I also notice that you use Webflow for building it. I'm a big fan of this tool and I developed a lot of websites on Webflow. If you want I can help you with your project. I currently starting my website design agency so you can drop me a message here and I will be happy to give you some help with design audit :
James Tennant
@dominic_norton Very cool idea, Dominic. The landing page is clean and easy on the eyes and it's very clear what the proposition is, and that you've started to generate interest from some big players. Congrats!
Lluís Ventura
Hi everyone! Thanks @aaronoleary This week we are releasing a PiP button for your GMeet. When you are sharing your screen you will be able to see other participants while presenting or moving from one tab to another without losing them. allows you to write down and share agendas, notes, and next-steps on every meeting and keep track of what you decided inside your Calendar. Your feedback is really welcome. Visit PS. Additionally, we are starting something new, and would love your help! If you work remotely, spend your days in calls, and feel that some of them could be an email, please, register: and we will be in touch soon!
Loftie Ellis
@aaronoleary @lluis_m_ventura You have a nice little video on the extension page, I think you could add something like that to you site too. The animation you have now looks cool but its not quite as clear as that little video. Your site has some layout issues on iPad:
Looking for more 😊 users for my product -
James Skarzynski
@noy_s Looks nice! I've actually used your site before, and it's really helpful. Is there any way to get a higher resolution image for the header? Not sure what gumroad's policies are.
@jamesskarzynski Hey James, thank you very much for the kind words! It's also great to hear you found it useful :) I guess you meant the kindle image? I uploaded it here - I assume Gumroad lowers the quality of the header images. If you need another header image let me know :)
Christian Heine
Hey everyone! We are currently preparing the next Beta phase of Faden for iOS. Faden tries to reimagine notes & tasks in form of a (very lightweight) journal. Unlike a regular journal you can create follow ups to your notes. Unlike many task apps, you always know when and why you created the task. Every day, note & task acts like an infinite page. You always with a simple note or task, but you can always scale (some early testers have entries with hundreds of sub-entries). Oh, and Faden is private by design and works fully offline (mobile & web). Christian Here's the upcoming page: if you would like to participate
Sophia Benhaddou
@christianheine I love the idea and subscribed through ship! Is the beta only for mobile? That wouldn't be my best use case as I use primarly my computer for journalling. However I'd be glad to run user interviews with you guys if you ever need. I use daily the Apple notes app for journalling, planning my day, coaching myself, taking notes... I open a new page everyday but I have many difficulties to reuse or find later the data that I'm looking for. I've tried to use notion for it but it requires too much upfront organisation.
Christian Heine
@sophia_benhaddou Thanks! Really happy you like the idea! Faden runs on both web and mobile. I personally also prefer to write on a laptop, especially for larger entries. And yes, we would absolutely love to run a user interview with you. :) I'll drop you a mail to the address you registered with in Ship.
Jacob Miller
Hey Product Hunt, We are officially in the soft launch stage for Paragon ( Paragon is a curated marketplace to hire talent for your virtual party. From the best comedians, djs, to dazzling drag queens, Paragon is your premiere destination to make sure you throw the best virtual party. We created paragon to help our friends in the service industry. All of us used to work in the restaurant industry and seeing what happened in NYC devastated us. Noticing a lot of our friends asking us, “Can you help make an old fashioned” or “Do you know any comedians”, we realized we can help create a marketplace for people to hire from the talented individuals displaced across the services industries. We believe online events are here to stay. Many companies have decided to permanently work from home, and we’ve seen bookings related to team building events to virtual baby showers. While in person events will return, virtual events allow talented individuals outside of the large cities to perform for an audience they would normally never cross paths with. Social distancing doesn’t mean our lives can’t be social. In fact, now it's an opportunity to reconnect with friends globally and have a personalized dance party in your home brought to you by some of LA’s most sought after dj talent. Looking forward to feedback from the PH community! ProTip: The best events start with a proactive and collaborate host :)
Яна Василева
Hi there! A few days ago we launched Keys to Infinity - the world’s first endlessly streaming generative solo piano music platform that boosts focus, productivity and creativity. Support us here:
Precious Madubuike
Hello, everyone. I recently made a simple way to tap into Naval Ravikant's thoughts, wisdom, and quotes. ---->>> <<<---- Why Random Naval? I needed a simple way for me to get inspired by Naval, and learn from one of the brightest minds alive. I spend most of my time on my chrome browser than I do on Twitter. So I decided to make a chrome extension (pending approval) that randomly displays Navals wisdom, thought, and quotes on my browser tab. You can checkout Random Naval at Feedback appreciated.
Akash Kotadia
Hello Makers, 😃 We are building Fasproc, Fastest way to build business processes. It's like Canva for business processes, where professionals can automate repetitive processes which orchestrate within organizations as well as customer, partners and suppliers. And, that is in matter of Minutes. Employee onboarding, building sales proposals or approvals are few of many use cases. If you are business professional working in any functional roles like (HR, IT, Sales, Marketing) for more than 50 people company, I would love you to invite you for Beta program and seek your feedback. You can also checkout our website and join our beta program. Thank You!
Bobby Gilbert
Hi everyone! We're launching FundStory - A better way to find non-dilutive capital. Are you looking for financing for your start-up but don't want to give up ownership and control? Our platform guides you through each stage of the journey (prior to, during, & post-funding). We're launching this week! Would love to hear your feedback. Check us out here:
Fritz Brumder
@rogilbert215 I took a look at your site. It was unclear to me what your value prop was - helping me manage the funding process to reach goals and suggest funding options based on by metrics? Or track my metrics and funding path, then connect me with an investor that is looking for that profile (regardless of the funding type). Are you a process management tool or a match maker? I would guess process tool based on what I have seen to this point.
Matt Visiwig
Hey everyone, 👋 I just launched Indie Icons and would love to know if my icon tool is useful, my audience typically is web designers, but the tool works for graphic designers too: Feedback is appreciated!
Matt Visiwig
@akashwadhwani35 thanks for the kind words. Love alert is an interesting concept and the world definitely needs those positive vibes right now! I personally disable notifications where I can as apps generally abuse notifications, but I'm sure there are people out there who would use your app. Best of luck!
Matt Visiwig
@akashwadhwani35 You're welcome. Once a day is reasonable. As a designer, I do have to say your landing page is solid, I really like the minimalist put-togetherness of your presentation for the web app. Clean and easy on the eyes. And you guys certainly know how to use emoji's effectively. 👏 P.S. While I swear I'm not your audience, I recommend checking out Indie Hackers (not my product), I joined 2 months ago, and they have a great community of makers, while they too are not your audience, they have a great pulse every step of the game.
Matthew Behan-Fossey
Hey Hunters! I'm working on a simple tab manager to make organizing, finding, and managing your work in the browser enjoyable. It was designed to solve my own problems, and help me be more productive by reducing clutter and allowing me to focus on the task at hand. I'm sure you, like all of us, use many tabs throughout your day. If you ever feel like you have way too many tabs open, or you're scared of closing tabs and not being able to find them later, or you even have too many tasks/projects/tabs running at the same time, then Partizion is for you. I'd love any feedback on the product. Thanks in advance for your time!
Caroline Chiari
@matthewbf YES!!! Thank you so much!!! I always think that something like this would be useful but never bothered to look for it. I just installed it so I don't have much feedback besides the fact that I was looking for something like this! Once I figure out which of my 200 open tabs to group together, I'll definitely give you more feedback. Thank you very much! You are my savior!
Shabda Raaj
Hello Friends, We recently made Tweet Signer. The PH page is here: We did this after the twitter hack. We asked ourselves if twitter gets hacked again, then can users protect themselves against fake tweets. And the solution was obvious - use public key cryptography to sign tweets. Tweet Signee allows you to sign your tweets with your Github/SSH keys and let anyone verify it with your well known public keys. The code/repo is OS at
Antonio Ufano
Hi 👋! I'm currently working on theLIFEBOARD a life goals and habits planner (with a twist). I've been woking on it for almost a year and it's been used by some users right now, but we're looking for more feedback. If you want ot giv it a try, you can request early access in our page or subscribe in our upcoming page: See ya 😊
Baptiste Morch
@uf4no My second suggestion might be a bit complex as I understand that habits and tasks are more on a weekly basis rather than daily basis (except for the concept of checking 1 of 3 instances of an habit). Planning the week is great, but if I can also at the start of each day plan my day by picking on which weekly tasks or habits I want to work on today, that could be good. But because of the higher complexity that might bring, it can be seen as a stretch goal for later in the future maybe. :)
Fernando Nikolic (
Hi PH'ers! I'm currently testing my MVP for a community of marketers interested in mental models. This is the page: Curious to know if the value prop is clear and if the messaging overall is clear (as a marketer) Thank you so much for taking the time to look.
James Skarzynski
Hey everyone! @antdke and I are launching the beta for our new product, . Lovewall is a better social proof popup. No more of those spammy, annoying, "20 people in your area are viewing this product" popups. Collect real reviews from your customers, reward them with coupons, and then display them in a popup right on your site. No coding needed, just embed our JS and you're done. We're giving a 14 day free trial for anyone that would like to give it a shot.
Fritz Brumder
@antdke @jamesskarzynski Have you done any dog fooding? This is a classic product for that. I saw your little pop up in the lower left but then it went away. I got it again from using incognito but it just took me to the static reviews page. I like your story and tone of voice on the homepage. It could be a little more crisp to compare it to the competition - "27 Marketers" did not feel like a real example to me. It's a good concept but it would be cool to see it in action first, then try it free, then sign up. Make sense? Hope this helps.
James Skarzynski
@antdke @fritzly Thanks for the feedback! Could you expand a little more on how you'd like to see it in action? We have the popup and lovewall on our site as you would see them on our customers' sites. When you say try it free then sign up do you mean that you'd like a way to try it without creating an account?
Fritz Brumder
@antdke @jamesskarzynski Is this the actual product in action: ? It would be helpful to see what a lovewall looks like implemented or use it yourself with your customer comments coming through live. (assuming I got the product concept correct:) Again, hope the questions are helpful/constructive.
James Skarzynski
@antdke @fritzly All the help is really appreciated! The product has two main functions. First, is the actual Lovewall, which is what you sent in the link. This is a page where you can see all of your reviews in one place. The second is the popup, which will take reviews from your lovewall (that you specify), and then show them as a popup on your site a la fomo popups.
Oleksandr Senyuk
I've been working my way down the posts on the last two weeks of this discussion, and I must say so many ideas have been executed so well. Thank you all for making--and thank you, @aaronoleary for this thread! We just released KeyReel Premium. It turns your phone into a smart security assistant that keeps your data offline while unlocking your online accounts remotely as you surf on your computer. Unlike the new Safari update by Apple, KeyReel works on seven popular browsers and any number of supported devices you choose to pair your phone with. You can help us by leaving your feedback on the tool, to help us decide which new features we should prioritize. It's easy to import from other password managers, so don't be shy! Any feedback on the website is welcome as well. If you like it, you can even get the Premium version free forever right now: Thank you so much for your help!
Ryan Wilson
@oleksandr_senyuk Hey! I saw the name of your product and realized we had had a conversation on Twitter this past week. I made a video of myself going through your landing page: I hope it's helpful! Biggest thing for me was to add more details on how it works. Also, what happens if I get a new phone or lose my current one. Definitely interested to know those based on your landing page!
Oleksandr Senyuk
@ryan_wilson6 Thank you, Ryan, this is definitely helpful. It is challenging getting a demo with two devices, but we're working on it. I will also add the how-it-works section as soon as I can.
Yaroslav Neznaradko (yarsanich)
Hi! I have a side project. This is an app that helps reduce screen time in a different way than blocking apps and setting limits. The idea is very simple. To be more mindful and intentional with your phone usage, after your phone unlock set an intention and timer. After finishing your intention mark it as a success if you completed it without distractions otherwise mark it as failed. This is kind of self-monitoring tool that will help you to detect your habits. It's free for now. And all user data is stored on your device.
Robert Zalaudek
@yarsanich what kind of feedback have you received from users? Is typing in an intention and then being reminded at a certain interval something people would pay for? Have you thought about adding in some stats that show how many times people used the app and were successful at staying focused or not. We felt adding stats would be helpful and so we added it in to our app It may add to your value proposition.
Yaroslav Neznaradko (yarsanich)
@robert_zalaudek there was a lot of feedback and the main part was about additional features like scheduling or more configurable reminders. Some users mentioned stats and I already planned and even have a design for Android version. So stats are next in the roadmap. It's a free app for now so users shouldn't pay for it :) BTW. Your app looks pretty cool. Thanks for the feedback.
Robert Zalaudek
@yarsanich Thanks for your note and the compliment. I wish you continued success with your product and it's development.
Ryan Wilson
Hey fellow makers! I'm building - A browser extension that organizes your tabs into workspaces. I built the MVP last week and it's currently under review in the Chrome Web Store. I created a video demo and posted it in this blog post on the site: I haven't gotten around to updating the landing page yet - but if you could check out the video and let me know what you think that would be amazing! I will be sure to return the feedback on whatever you're working on :)
Ryan Wilson
@akashwadhwani35 Hey Akash! Thanks for your kind words. It's awesome to hear that Tidy Workspace might solve your problem :) I checked out your website and made a video of me going to it for the first time: Hope it is helpful! The main thing I think about it is the messages are really nice, but it feels like it's missing a human element. I'd like to be able to send those messages to people I know and receive them from people I know instead of from the app. I believe the human element is very important in spreading positivity and good vibes. It's an awesome idea, you've got clever messages, and it's much needed in these times!
John H
@ryan_wilson6 Really cool product. Anyone who uses a lot of tabs can definitely benefit from organizing them with tidyworkspace. In terms of the video, I think it would be good to show you labeling the workspaces to show examples of how you might want to organize them. This will help paint a bigger picture in the user's head and can inspire them to come up with their own organizational labels/schemes they would want to try out. Small feature suggestion: Having preset icons you can use to label the workspaces may be easier than text labels since they will take up less space. "Picture is worth 1000 words" Great stuff, looking forward to seeing it progress!
Ryan Wilson
@john_h5 Thanks for the feedback! Makes a ton of sense to help paint the bigger picture. I've been planning to allow for icons instead of text. I'll have to raise the priority of implementing that! There's currently no hard limit on how long the names can be, but I had to use the `overflow: ellipsis` thing for the side bar because it's such a small space. Icons will definitely work way better here. Thanks again! Let me know if there's anything I can return the feedback on.
Robert Zalaudek
@aaronoleary thanks for this thread. urLive, the revolutionary video meeting and calling platform for business is launching on PH this week. Would love any last minute feedback on the site, upcoming page or content.