Keep your passwords safe by logging in using Bluetooth.

Now logging in can be nearly frictionless yet truly safe. Passwords are stored encrypted on today's most ubiquitous and secure personal device: the mobile phone, making good password habits easy to maintain. Use the phone's encrypted Bluetooth connection to your device like keyless entry to luxury a car. No cloud, hardware, or master password.

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Hi, ProductHunt, thank you all for your support and feedback. Special thanks to @Amrith for your help! When you use KeyReel, data is transmitted via encrypted Bluetooth connection--rather than a network--from the password vault on your phone to your computer. It's completely inaccessible beyond Bluetooth range of your computer, so even if your phone is lost or stolen there are no worries your accounts will be hacked. You don't need any extra hardware or a master password, although you can add extra authentication factors for sites you want an extra layer of info for. All your login data is your property, and we believe it should stay that way. All passwords are locally stored safe and encrypted—yet automatically there whenever you need them. Special launch offer: Last week we released a new version that makes KeyReel much easier to try and use, and we want to keep improving! So until 8/2/18 we're offering a $10 gift card from Amazon or Starbucks (your choice) for the first 100 users to provide feedback. Check out the details on our blog:
КeyReel is a very promising, smart, new generation password manager. Its auto-filling algorithm is very sophisticated and sometimes looks like magic! Even though KeyReel looks very simple, it can significantly simplify your everyday security routines on the web. After using it for a short time you realize that you don't want to live without it. I want KeyReel to grow and become popular as it's really worth it.