Need your feedback on our new free community app:

Meghraj Suthar
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I don't like self-promotion, but I couldn't resist myself to share about the app we've developed and launched a few months back to help everyone (mostly who love to travel a lot and like meeting new people). I have traveled to many cities and countries while working remotely for a foreign organization. While traveling I have faced a lot of troubles of languages, cultural insults, local transportations, explore cities as localites do, and carrying a little fear while exploring hidden spots. There are platforms like Couch Surfing which connects with you local people, but they have limitations. With CS, you can ask for accommodation for 1-2-3 nights and ask for their inputs on what-to-explore. But sometimes (most of the time), you need more than that. You need someone who can travel with you and help you explore cities. Not only explore cities but get a localite's perspective while exploring. So then I figured out the solution: localites. It's an open global community for everyone to be a part of it and create their profile. The interesting thing about this is people can choose to charge some price while they're showing you around or some show for free. That way it's for both: one who wants to join and become a local guide and one is okay to become a part of the community and take around people to make friends. Additionally, you can update your hosting and pick-up availabilities as well and set prices if you want to. Here's the website link with screenshots, people who joined recently, and faq: I'd really like to hear your suggestions and feedback on the idea and this community. Thanks in advance.


Chris Wills
You may want to make the text in the marquee and the nav a little easier to read. I had a hard time reading it with the background video. Seems like a good idea. When we've done international travel, we've tried to schedule a guide at the beginning of our trip to get a better feel for the city and get a locals perspective on where to eat, how to get around, etc.
Donald Ng
Your navbar menu literally disappeared and really hard to read from time to time. I would suggest you take out the video background and stick with a plain color approach, the way I see it video background is very distracting and making your tagline very hard to read as well. If you really have to use a video background, make sure to darken your video and lighten your taglines and menu text color. By applying contrast text your user will have an easier time when reading your content. I don't like self-promotion, but I couldn't resist myself to share my new feedback & analytics platform at that you can easily collect feedback via on-site feedback - sidebar, polling & NPS. :)