How we can make people adopt ecotourism?

Meghraj Suthar
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Being a global community (, we are constantly encouraging our members to keep sharing the ideas and local ways of avoiding harm to nature and our planet. As those are limited, we would like you to share your thoughts or ideas if we could bring a change with the help of technology to make people adopt ecotourism to keep our planet a safe and healthy place for our future generation. Do write in comments.


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I would argue it's impossible to make people do anything. However people tend to behave in a way that aligns with their values, or motivations, and/or where there is an incentive driving that behaviour It sounds like you're assuming the lack of engagement is from a lack of interest/motivation in the cause but I'd suggest spending time digging deeper into the problem to be sure if that's the case. Maybe try partnering with larger organisations aligned with your cause, too.
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@abadesi I understand. But I want to gather from here is inputs from people who really care about the tomorrow of the planet and would eager to take any kind of step that would reduce the harm. The ideas which could make them constantly think about nature and planet. Like: Okay, I need to check my Facebook today to see feeds. More like a habitual change.