Planning to launch a Virtual Trips platform

Meghraj Suthar
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Hello folks! I hope you all are doing well. As mostly the whole travel industry is down as of now and many travelers are home and maybe feeling loneliness, depression, and longing of going somewhere. We (at are planning to launch a platform especially for this time duration of COVID-19 to help travelers go on virtual trips provided by people from different cities and countries. And virtual hosts can earn per trip. If you were seeking for an alternative to making some bucks during the pandemic, would you be interested in this? If you are getting bored at home, would you consider going on a virtual trip, make friends, hang out online and chill, have beers, go through old photos and memories? Looking forward to hearing from you. PS: If anyone interested in the project can ping me on Twitter: Stay home, stay safe.


Sebastian Tamayo
Hi very interesting idea. I like the idea. Some feedback I would have is that it takes a long time for the customer to learn what the product is, what it does, and how it helps people. It would be great if it started with something like get paid for being a local and helping others. Also locallites is a weird term to call people, I don't know what it means yet your referring me as it, maybe just refer to us as travelers or people. Would you be able to give me some feedback on my upcoming product also?