How easy your travel life would be if you could have an alternative to Facebook groups?

Meghraj Suthar
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I found getting support from Facebook groups is very time-consuming, which I cannot afford when it comes to getting help for something. Problems: 1) First, you search for a group with the highest number of people (for authenticity) 2) Send a joining request by completing the questionnaire set by admins 3) Wait for their responses 4) If got rejected, repeat 1-3 5) Post something and then again wait for admin's approval 6) If got rejected, repeat 1-5 7) If approved and no comments, repeat 1-6 8) If approved and comments didn't help, repeat again the whole process It really irritates me. I cannot wait for someone's approval when I need quick help. Another major problem expats, foreign travelers face is not getting help from natives or residents of the city they are looking for. To fix all this, we added a great helpful feature to our community (#askAnything: which is completely community-driven. If your post is off the community guidelines, your account will be blocked and disabled permanently. Trusting in people who're part of the community allows us to keep it a clean and safe place for help seekers. Let me know what other travel problems you face and see if we all can solve together.
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