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Meghraj Suthar
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I'm from Mumbai, India. A little bit about me: I'm an author of two books and the founder of https://localites.co (a global community platform). I code and write books too. In my spare time, I play the piano. Let's see what is localites and how it is simplifying the travel: 1) I've traveled a lot from cities to cities and countries to countries. The problem I've faced was ending up spending a lot of cash from my pocket and in return what I did explore was a couple of known touristic places in different cities. Due to lack of knowledge of local things, transportation, language issues, and many more. And I know every single traveler face this problem. Because there's no alternative or community which enables us to connect with likeminded people in any city we go to. 2) The problem of feeling insulted. Due to a lack of knowledge of local traditions and cultures, it occurs that we travelers had to go through this and apologize every time. Sometimes I had faced that if we do not follow tradition, which is right from their perspective but we don't know, they (local people) would end up abusing us, foreign travelers. That's pathetic! So there're many problems which a traveler faces during his travel and to fix or reduce all those issues, we have built this community platform. It's open for everybody who loves traveling and meeting new people. We encourage that if you're one of those who does not like making new friends, please do not be a part of the community. As it'll be useful for you and for the community too. Apart from this, I'd love to hear feedback from all of you if could give any. We're seeking for those people who're really interested in taking this community to another level and happy to contribute in any way. Thanks again for reading.
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