Which Chrome extensions do you use for Sales?

Jana Cagorovic
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👋 Hey Makers and Sales People among you :) I'm building a directory of Chrome extensions and tools for Sales and am curious to know which ones you are using. And Why? 🕵️‍♂️ Are there any particular functionalities you especially like/need?


Head of Content @ Reply.io
Well, Sales Navigator extension has been a pretty much must-have for many sales teams, but since it's no longer available Reply: Email Search has become a go-to tool for finding valid email addresses on LinkedIn.
CMO at Sales.Rocks
@elen_u thanks for your suggestion. 🙏 I should add Reply to my list. Do you maybe use other tools for finding emails outside of LinkedIn?
Head of Content @ Reply.io
@jana_c sure, Clearbit Connect and Name2Email by Reply have been really helpful as well! (btw, the latter has been recently recognized by ahrefs as the most accurate email finder ;) )
Marketing manager ROI4CIO
R4P Customer Catcher. It helps you set up a show and create a link to your presentation directly from Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Linkedin. You will receive a notification when the listener follows the link and you can join and communicate in real-time. All information about how much time the listener spent on each slide of the presentation will be available in email reports and CRM (there is integration with HubSpot, SalesForce and other CRM, mailing and marketing automation services (SendPulse, Zoho CRM).