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This is pretty clever for those who need to find email addresses. Looks like a mix of address permutations + rapportive. Added to my Email Discovery Tools collection >> http://www.producthunt.com/@barr...
@barryhand Barry, thanks for adding our tool to your collection!
Pretty neat chrome extension built on top of Gmail. Get any email based on someone's name. I'm an avid use of Mailbox though.... but when will they ever learn? ;) Are there people that still use gmail browser? I see myself using that only for this feature haha. Great stuff!
@milann that's amazing!
@barryhand Thanks Barry! That is right. Our tool work best with rapportive. Gmail by itself already as well not that bad at matching emails to people names.
A great start! Will there be an element of machine learning involved i.e. will reduce the number of emails suggested?
I feel sorry for Craig Rosenberg's Inbox today :) Cool idea for an extension. Will try it.
@joelazeved0 Hahah, hope he will not mind or we will need to do a lot to redeem our fault :) thank you!