What's the best Android phone on the market now?

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Let the debate begin.


David V. Kimball
@kristian_s +1 although I'd say the OnePlus 7 Pro is my favorite because it's notchless on the screen!
@kristian_s using one right now! So worth the investment. I can never go back to 60hz screens with notches
Lanre Akinyemi
I feel like this depends on what you want in a phone. For me, the best build quality is the Samsung Galaxy series but the best value for money is the Pixel series
Nicholas Menelaou
I know the Samsung, Pixel and OnePlus phones are pretty sweet. A lot depends on what you like, but if you want maximize every buck for your money, have a look at Xiaomi Mi range. I've got a Mi 9 and I'm pretty happy with both camera, performance and looks. Oh and it does run a Sd 855 processor.
Fernanda Graciolli
💯 Pixel 3 or 4 - I've owned a lot of Androids and the pixels *feel* amazing to use, don't slow down with use, and the camera is unbeatable.
Donald Bailey
I have had the S series phones, and have the S10 now, and I love it. I take a lot of pics for my SEO clients, and I love having the option to not lug out my DSLR, just pop a few with the Galaxy S10, and I'm off! It's a great phone.
Jakub Kliszczak
I'd say OnePlus' phones: 6t, 7t pro and Google Pixels
Best as in specs(performance) wise? Asus ROG Phone 2 easily, but that's more than 1k or almost 1,5 for 12GB RAM 1TB storage version😅
Dave Hardin
Note10+ Next on the list regardless of what you think it is will be a distant second. Get real.
dazzling arun (dausthaan)
for performence op7t pro for gameing rog 2 for camara pixel latest for product build quality honor p30
Dan Sem
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Cebu English
I think for android is Google Pixel of course, fast update, super smooth.
Lalit Nayyar
Samsung A70 (6GB RAM , 128 GB HD)