OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus's new flagship phone comes with a 48 MP camera 📸

Experience a high-resolution display with a 90 Hz refresh rate, designed to display your content with dramatic clarity. A new 48 MP camera and much more with the new OnePlus 7 Pro
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3 Reviews3.3/5
Just came from the launch event. Phone looks insane and is even better in hand. Only issue with it is size and material. I think phones should start getting smaller again, rather than growing to tablet size. Only a few years ago a 6" screen sounded absurd. Anyone remember "phablet"? Again, the phone looks incredible, but the surface (especially the back) is extremely glossy, and while it looks cool, the phone is an absolute fingerprint magnet. Not a huge issue taking into account how great the resto of the phone is, but still annoying. Nothing a dbrand skin can't fix.
That camera looks incredible, although I wish we could just pack all that tech into one singular sensor
@aaronoleary I was very interested, then I realized I am still stuck in 'Murrica where this lovely machine doth not roam. Thought it might be a cool alternative to the camera which is just not working out as I hoped.
One Plus will have some real value, if you can put iOS in it... Otherwise its just an overhyped and copycat phone! @getpeid
Wow the best camera I used on the phone
Experienced the OP7 and OP7 Pro at the launch event. What a beautiful phone, that nebula blue variant looks so dope IRL.