Has anyone had good success with Quora or Reddit Ads? What sort of results did you see?

Dan Siepen
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Hey everyone, I'm considering doing some Quora and Reddit ads for my startup Cenario and keen to see if anyone here has had much success with either of them :) As in, how much did you spend and what sort of results did you see? Love any information or articles to point me to as well :) Thanks :)


Jonathan Parson
The result there was not as god as expected. Being useful there, on the other hand, can be profitable.
Dan Siepen
@jonathan_parson Good to know! Which channel is this for or do you mean both? :)
Kaloyan Dobrev
Hi Siepen, personally we didn't have much success as expected with the ads. But maybe we have done something incorrect. In mine personal experience I visit Quora for the knowledge of answer and when I see ads I just skip them. If you decide to try to run a campaign please share the results back.
Dan Siepen
@kokiweb Yeah good point! I do tend to skip the link ads but promoted posts I sometimes visit depending on the question. Yeah will share results if I decide to go ahead :)
I worked with reddit ads, to be honest I expected better results, but I have to say that the audience does a lot, compared to other platforms users are much more curious
Kalesh Kaladharan
I would suggest answering questions related to your product. This can be of huge benefit. I read Quora a lot and have used some services promoted indirectly via answers. For example, I joined an online platform and purchased few mutual funds through their services. I chose them because their CEO is active in Quora answering questions related to Mutual funds and I felt confident reading all his answers. His answers were not directly promoting his service. He carefully read the question and answered everything to the point, leaving behind a two sentence description about his company at the bottom of each answer. The answers were nothing like a promotion of the services. They were all genuine answers. Try similar approach and I am confident that you will find some customers through Quora. I am not a fan of Quora ads. I don't think I have opened any of their ads.
Dan Siepen
@kalesh13 Hey Kalesh good answer and defs been answering a lot of questions but takes a long time to be honest. Have got over 100k views now which is good :) Nice that's good info to know why you converted based on the CEO sharing info :) - Gives me confidence to keep investing time into the platform! Thanks again for your time to share your thoughts/experience :)
Kalesh Kaladharan
@dansiepen True! But it's worth it in the long run. Moreover, the users referred via answers are going to be quality leads for sure.
Vinnie T
Think it entirely depends on your market/audience. What are you selling?
Dan Siepen
@vinnie_t Yeah of course. Pushing this: cenario.co Not just about our services but even building up the newsletter, resources, etc :)
hammad soliman
The results are not as expected ... If you want to profit from ads, you have to work for me more than one site and you even get a satisfactory profit ... But on the whole it is better than others ... My advice is that if you will work on your own then I do not advise you to do so .... Make some referrals at any site you work with ... This will increase your rate of profit .... I wish you good luck
Maxim T.
I worked with Reddit Ads. Decent results, much cheaper than Facebook and a bit slower delivery. I worked in a very niche market and subreddit targeting is a huge help. Overall, I would recommend testing it.
Afshin Mousavian
@tsvmax is there any limitations on cannabis ads on Reddit? we have a storage product Stori that we can only market without the word "cannabis" or get really creative.
Dan Siepen
@tsvmax Nice! What was the niche if I can ask? Do you run a SaaS based business?
Maxim T.
@dansiepen it was professional videography. To be precise a tool for speeding up video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve. It is a desktop application. 🙂
Maxim T.
@afshin Hey, Afshin! I would suggest checking out subreddit based targeting (like /r trees). You can always create an add which will be shown only to the subscribers of a dedicated cannabis subreddit. Therefore, it is much easier not to use this word. I am not sure about their exact ads policy but you can just run a test. If they decline the ad, just rephrase it.
Raj Mahal
Reddit ads are probably biggest bang for buck if you target a specific sub-reddit. Best advice to is be genuine and write it from your personal account as a person, and not as a company. https://neilpatel.com/blog/start...
Narek Vardanyan
I haven't tested specifically with Quora and Reddit but my advertising strategy with all these social networks is the following: place all their pixels into your website, target a relevant audience with Facebook or Google, then re-target them on Quora, Snap or Twitter
Dan Siepen
@narek_vardanyan Yeah good idea with this strategy with retargeting - very smart. Was going to be my first action anyway :)
Ram Thakur
Dan, 3 months ago, I launched several ad campaigns on Quora for SaaS product promotion. I noticed the CPC was as low as $0.20 and traffic quality was worse. Most of the Quora users are interested in FREE offerings --- this is what I noticed (may be I am wrong). However, I would say if you just want traffic at low CPC, go for Quora but if you want quality leads then go for Google ads or Facebook ads. Speaking of Reddit, there are RESTRICTIONS. If your employees access your Reddit account from different locations (countries/cities) then your account will get banned. You can not run ads smoothly. So be careful.
Dan Siepen
@ramthakur Really great feedback and sharing your experience thank you Ram :) - Yeah makes sense in terms of quality and depends what the offering is and stage of the funnel. Interesting with Reddit will need to look into that personally a bit more. Thanks! :)
Kate Rooney
I had the pleasure of watching Sam Parr (co-founder of The Hustle) give a presentation on growth, and he said that Quora worked insanely well for them. We tried it out on our own but didn't see great results :( but there's definitely a chance we didn't have it set up the best way. I'm currently pushing my team to test out Reddit advertising. There's mixed feelings about it, but I believe the ability to hyper-target users based on niche subreddits could be very valuable. Will report back!
Dan Siepen
@katerooney Hey Kate thanks for sharing :) - Interesting! Is there a link to this presentation anywhere? I have noticed his ads before on Quora and again it comes down to the offering as it was signing up to his newsletter for free right? Or at least a good free trial period. Sorry to hear your results didn't go to well :( - surprised with design pickle you didn't do as well.. that's a shame! What was the offer? You guys do a great service! Keen to see what happens with Reddit advertising - what offer would you do though? :)
Shivam Gupta
I tried Reddit ads. I didn’t expected anything crazy happening but it did get me 19k impressions 52 clicks 11 free tier signups in $5😬. I guess it mostly depends on what are you selling to them.
Dan Siepen
@imshivam Thanks for sharing the results really appreciate it :) - What was your offer? Wait $5 per signup or $5 for total campaign?
Shivam Gupta
@dansiepen I was offering free subscription for my software. $5 for total campaign. I was just testing it out.
Mike Birtwistle
I've found that with Reddit or Quora the users seem to be pretty anti-marketing. With that being said they can work and I've found success by driving more content based ads that help bridge the gap from ad to opt-in/sales page etc. If you have more specific questions feel free to ask.
Dan Siepen
@mike_birtwistle What do you mean by 'anti-marketing' sorry? Yeah content based ads seem to make better sense on those two channels it's the vibe I'm getting and have some good ideas up my sleeve I've been thinking about.
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Matt Harney
We used Quora and Reddit for our 2019 SaaS Conference (https://appealie.com/saas-confer...) and overall I would say they are *worthwhile* channels. Pros: - targeting (especially on Quora), - good click through rates (so you get enough click volume for time setting up campaigns) - reasonable CPC on each Cons: - not enough impression volume on Reddit, average targeting (ended up having to use broader subreddits like r/entrepreneur than we would have liked to get volume) - yet another channel to manage, each with own requirements (slightly different pixel dimensions for ads, etc)
Dan Siepen
@matthew_harney Really good info thanks Matt for sharing. Appreciate the layout of pros & cons. Thank you!
Zachary Green
I recently ran Reddit ads for a client in the technological research industry. There's not a lot of information out there regarding this platform but I managed to scrape up a general idea of how the campaign would go: CPC - $0.45 CTR - 0.22% We ran the ads for close to a month, and here were the final results: SPEND - $178.94 IMPRESSIONS - 202,869 CLICKS - 505 CTR - 0.22% CPC - $0.35 CONVERSIONS - 12 COST PER CONVERSION - $14.91 The results were acceptable, and relatively on par with my predictions. Right now its best used as an experimental niche channel in your media mix.
Dan Siepen
@zachary_green2 Amazing thank you Zachary for sharing those details, that helps a lot! Really appreciate the breakdown :)
Max Mirho
I read an article on IndieHackers recently that mentioned for newsletter promotion, it worked super well! Here's my source: https://www.indiehackers.com/pro... I have yet to give them a try, but I'll be making an effort soon.
Dan Siepen
@maxmirho1 Awesome thanks for sharing this and have read this before actually. Bookmarked! Thank you :)
caryn werner
Thanks for asking this q-- I have been curious how effective quora adds would be!!!
I've never had even the slightest result with reddit ads. I've probably spend about $2800 over the course of a few months and absolutely no results. Their reporting was atrocious too. Granted, that was about 2 years ago so it might be changed by now but be wary.
Dan Siepen
@ciaran_foley1 Sorry to hear that's not a good result at all! I appreciate you sharing your experience!
Elen Udovichenko
@alex_panchuk I thought you might have something to add to the discussion :)
Yekta Göktaş
Hi Dan, You can try your promoted ads text in the form of asking questions by referring to the benefit you offer. I mean like "Still wasting bunch of time..?" If you consider ads in Reddit, just make sure that whether you are able to target the certain subreddits you'd like to target. Cuz in my experience some subreddits are available to larger advertisers and you cannot target them. Cheers!