What are your favourite product analytical tools you use for your projects? :)

Dan Siepen
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Hey all, Researching for some new product analytical tools to use for our startup Cenario. Any that you recommend that has been good for your project or business? :) Cheers, Dan


James Bryce - Lind
Mixpanel has been so important for the team here at Fluidly
Salil Sethi
For prospercircle.org, we use mixpanel and hotjar.
Amplitude is always indispensable.
For my early stage, using Google Analytics. I find it easy to use and straight forward and free. Is yours an app or website?
Dan Siepen
@thelastsamara Yep of course Google Analytics is great for early stage. What do you mean by my site? Cenario? We have a freemium plan yes so it's free with then the option to upgrade to premium :)
Prabha Matta
I have used Google Analytics and Mixpanel previously in my career. However the numbers are inflated especially when you are looking for Daily Active Visitors on your website since their concept of session time for each user is quite small. So, we started building a simple logging system and count DAU, WAU, MAU or Conversion rates using simple SQL queries. For visualizations, you can directly connect the database to tableau or simply use google sheets to see trends or drop off rates or retention rates.
Semyon Fast
Google analytics, as far as we have application on Cloud Firestore
Fabian Maume
Amplitude & Mixpanel are the main players for product analytics. Amplitude is a bit better for B2B products as you can potentially setup group properties for companies. Also their pricing is different: - Mixpanel charges per tracked users - Amplitude charges per tracked event So depending on your product one can be cheaper. I would also advice you to check out Smartlook. They are getting more and more product analytics features like event analytics and retention tables. Plus it also give you some qualitative data like user recording and heatmap