Cannabis storage that's smart, stunning, and functional.

Stori is smart cannabis storage that's safe and stunning. Its modular color-based pods and tubes keep cannabis fresh and secure when at home or on-the-go. Stori's app makes it easy to track what you store with detailed product profiles, and recommendations.
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159 Reviews4.9/5
Stori was made by a group of friends that also happen to be advocates for responsible cannabis use. We each enjoy cannabis in different ways, but we all had the same issue when it came to storage. We wanted a functional storage solution that was nice to look at, not an old shoebox or a mason jar. Something we'd be proud to display in our homes, like a wine or whiskey collection. As operators of a cannabis education platform, we also feel it's important to remove the stigmas around cannabis storage. And so, we've collaborated with an award-winning industrial designer to bring you our Stori. There is a lot that makes our Stori special and we can’t wait to share it with the world. The product is in production and we’re taking pre-orders. And for our lovely PH community, take advantage of an additional 10% OFF with discount code: GetMeAStori
A chic solution for storage
@thabani_malaba 100%! We want you to be able to have a solution for home and on-the-go. No more stinky pockets or purses.
Looks great! will definitely get one.
@vinaysharma this Stori was made to be yours ;)
This looks dope (pun intended!) 👏👏
@ken_seto Thanks Ken! We’re excited to deliver on high expectations ;)
Very sleek! Love the child safety feature.
@_gassia Great to hear. We wanted to make sure you can display your cannabis in your home and not worry about little ones or pets getting access.