What are you favourite ecommerce case studies?

Dan Siepen
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I'm working on something cool and love to know of any awesome ecommerce case studies you may know of as love to read them :)


Kristine Jakovleva
Do you mean the style of language or real studies?
Dan Siepen
@kristine_jakovleva Yeah great question and realised I should have pointed it out! I mean examples of this sort of quality; - https://sleeknote.com/blog/caspe... - https://www.growthmanifesto.com/... So in-depth, detailed, good illustrations, etc :)
James Bryce - Lind
Drop bottle or Alya Skin care
Dan Siepen
@james_bryce_lind Awesome! Do you have a link to the Drop Bottle case study you're referring to?
Sarah Mooney
These guys used to be a competitor of mine, and I was also so jealous of the resources they had for this. Check out packlane.com
Dan Siepen
@sarahthemarketer Nice! I came across this article - https://blog.smile.io/packlane-t... What's your product? :)
Dan Siepen
@ashley_camble Which app sorry? I'm also based in Australia :)