What is everyone's favourite apps/add-ons in the Shopify store? :)

Dan Siepen
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Hi everyone, I'm looking to build a new ecommerce store whilst working on other projects! More wanting to build an ecommerce store to learn more about growth + ways automate processes, increase sales, etc. Obviously there's lots of apps on the app store itself + reviews of them but keen to know of others that people have used/fans of! Ultimately, wanting to build an effective ecomm stack that works well :)


Anastasija C.
Hi Dan, Apart from well known apps (like Loox, Oberlo...), there is a very good add-on that makes AMP pages on Shopify called AmpifyMe. Since there is no official plugin by Google, this one makes a perfect replacement. Actually, many retailers are very pleased with this technology, it helps with speed, organic traffic and better quality score. They see higher CTR and higher conversion rates, because of the fast mobile shopping experiences. AmpifyMe also provides PWA for Shopify. You can check it out too if you want to optimize for mobile more :) The guys behind the app are my friends (and such ecommerce experts), so I can help you with setup if you choose to go for it! And, I need to say thank you for creating that epic list of startup marketing resources. 🤗 I am at the beginning of my marketing career and you really helped me! :) I love your work! 💪 @dansiepen 🤗
Dan Siepen
@anastasija_c_ Hey Anastasija :) - Thanks for the comment! Nice, good share + good for me to know as never heard of AmpifyMe before! Just checked out and very cool will look into it more :) Oh awesome glad you like the startup marketing resources :) - Is that from my site or marketing inspo? :)
Anastasija C.
@dansiepen Thank you! :) From your site, and I'm extremely glad I found it :)) Looking forward to new stuff, and keep up the good work! 🤗
Jake Tital
My friend is the founder of Octane AI https://www.octaneai.com/ . Let me know if an introduction is in order
Analyzify is a great app. Helps big time with the right connectivity and attribution of key metrics across GA and Facebook
Shermelie A. Dela Cruz
3D models are already being used in the online store industry and they have proven to be very effective in increasing sales as well as building brand reputation and awareness. We live in a time when technology is rapidly evolving, so a 3D configurator is a must-have for Shopify store owners. To learn more about this application, visit (https://apps.shopify.com/visual-...). What I like about this application is that they offer product modeling and make customization more engaging in the app. With the help of their qualified professional artist, they can make the model come to life for you even with limited product information. Furthermore, the app is fully integrated with Shopify and is simple to use. It only takes 10-20 minutes after uploading the 3D model to complete the product configuration and publish it in your store. It's truly amazing; you can try downloading their app to see for yourself.