What problems do you face with transport?

Meghraj Suthar
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Hello folks, We're into the travel industry and working hard to simplify your travel problems as we could. We want to gather feedback from real users who travel a lot and face local transportation issues. After our recent successful solution of travel support (localites's #askAnything), now we're working and brainstorming on coming up with a simple solution to all of the international local transportation concerns, problems, issues. Our focus is to make it as simple as one can feel their own city in whichever city they go around the globe. So let us know what are the major problems you face with the international local transportation.


Tony Choi
When I nomad, I can work out of any city, as long as AirBnB/living expenses are cheap. There are some very good packages out there, but you have to search by each individual city.
Meghraj Suthar
@quick10k You might choose to stay with localites from this community https://localites.co It's a global community of people who like to travel alongside us and some offer stay too. See if that helps. More like a middle way of AirBnB and CouchSurfing.
Carpenter Carpenter
When it comes to dealing with transportation issues and concerns, individuals often find themselves at a crossroads in their quest for solutions. From navigating congested city streets to grappling with public transit dilemmas, the challenges faced with transport can be overwhelming. Whether it's seeking information on commuter complaints, road conditions, or exploring alternative transportation options, resources like https://www.pissedconsumer.com/m... can offer a platform for sharing experiences, finding resolutions, and connecting with others who've encountered similar transport-related hurdles. In a world where mobility is essential, addressing these issues becomes paramount, and platforms like Pissed Consumer can serve as a valuable tool for individuals to voice their concerns, access information, and work collectively towards smoother and more efficient transportation systems.