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Hi Makers! If you are: (1) launching soon or recently launched (2) looking for beta users (3) asking for feedback on a landing page First, start by helping out another maker (check out their launch, give a review or share a comment on their post), then share your product link here and BE SPECIFIC about who your target audience is and how we can help.


Nani Morgan
Hey guys, would love to know, what you think about my idea. I am sharing motivational advice every monday in a newsletter (no spam). I asked 100 entrepreneurs for 1 advice and will share those tips once a week. What do you think about that?
@ranimorgan how will you ensure the quality of advice feels meaningful and not too abstract or generic? Or avoid sharing ones which are really overstated?
Hey everyone. Currently, I'm building Bardo, a Tool for Software- and Product-Teams. Bardo's goal is to remove uncertainty while building products with the help of a community and your team's knowledge + history. You can check out the landing page here: And the community: So if you are a CTO, PM, Dev, Designer and work in a product team that uses Jira or Clubhouse. I'm currently looking for beta users.
Dustin W. Stout
@keeev I love the branding. The site is well laid out, and the messaging is clear. When I shop for software though, I need screenshots. If the interface sucks, I don't care how feature-rich it is--UI/UX is a deal maker/breaker. So I would love to see some actual screenshots of the features you're outlining. The product itself sounds great. The fact that it seems versatile is a big selling point since a lot of the productivity tools out there are only now realizing they need to accomodate different modes of working (list vs. kanban vs scrum vs gant).
@dustinwstout Thanks for the feedback. I wasn't sure about the messaging. Good to hear! I'll definitely replace the illustrations with screenshots it's on my list since the relaunch.
@dustinwstout just to follow up: I added some parts of the UI that show how the features will work: :)
Cihan Geyik
Hey guys, We launched Learnember on Product Hunt ( ) and Google Play Store. ( ) We would love to see your feedback. You can take notes everything you learn, set up hourly, daily, weekly reminders and get notifications for never forget. Within one hour, people will have forgotten an average of 50% of the information. Within 24 hours, they have forgotten an average of 70% of new information, and within a week, forgetting claims an average of 90% of it.
@cihan_geyik As a person who is constantly writing stuff down on her phone's notes, I think this is awesome. Someone had already commented on how this would be awesome as a webapp too. I think it's great!
Amy Giddon
@cihan_geyik This would be a very useful tool for me that I would like to use as a webapp. Most of my learning is done when I'm on my laptop so it would be way more seamless for me if I could take notes where I'm learning. Also - I recommend changing your brand name. I say this knowing it is a huge deal, but the name is awkward to both read and say.
Cihan Geyik
@amy_giddon1 Thank you. We have a plan for web app. But our first goal is testing with mobile users. We got a first feedback for changing brand name. Thanks
Dustin W. Stout
@cihan_geyik seems like a great idea! Simple, but specific in the problem it's solving. As an Apple user who switches feverishly between MacBook, iPad, and iPhone, any app I use must be available across all platforms before I decide to use it. That's the only real challenge I see from a product standpoint--having not used it.
Yvo Schaap
We launched an English version of our original Dutch product Mailbook. It allows people to collect addresses from friends and family to sent them mail by post. But, our english users gather on average 80% (!) less addresses in their address book. Somehow we can't activate them properly. We don't get any traction beyond our Dutch user base. What are we doing wrong for our English speaking audience? Landing: Lanch:
Hanna Barzakouskaya
@yvoschaap As an English speaking representative from the Netherlands, I think it's a great idea! As for me I used to Facebook events and sent invites thought it.
Tara Jane Seton
@yvoschaap Hi Yvo, congratulations on your launch. I'm a Brit and I regularly send my relatives and friends birthday cards and presents in the post. I don't really store addresses anywhere, they're scattered across Whatsapp messages, old emails and the saved addresses section of my Amazon account. So I thought I'd check out your site, please take the below as opinions and constructive points :) Initial cosmetic things that made me feel a little less relaxed/inclined to try: 1. I find Mailbook as a brand name quite confusing. We tend to call it 'Address Book', and we post the items. We rarely use the word 'Mail' other than for email. not sure if that would affect uptake. 2. I noticed a typo under "Create your own Mailbook." address needs 2 's’. Apart from that, I think you could push the use case a bit more. I get that this would be useful for when a customer is arranging a wedding. And whilst I can see that Mailbook might be time-saving, I don't see a real use for me because it isn't outlined on the site. Secondly data protection. Whilst I acknowledge that where my current addresses are saved aren't on the safest platforms (Whatsapp, Gmail, Amazon), sending a link to Mailbook to my 50 year old Aunt might freak her out, and I myself am a little unsure of how safe it would be to store all this data. I think with the numerous data scandals in this country and the Facebook data scandal being so big that Cambridge Analytica is a household name...we're a little apprehensive to try new apps that have a big focus on data. Hope that helps and do get in touch if you'd like me to clarify or go further - I'm generally full of opinions.
Yvo Schaap
@tara_ Thanks for the feedback. Very helpful. * I quickly fixed all "addres" typo's. * I get how a clear use-case would be best to focus on. Is there an event - beyond weddings - where you would sent out (traditional) mail by post? In The Netherlands we do that when a new child is born. I understand that case is not common outside of our country. But maybe I'm missing an obvious one. * Yes data protection is a good point. What we see is in NL, if someone you know uses a service, you trust it as well. So maybe we need more people getting to know Mailbook, before it would have some sort of implied trust in its protections. * Changing the 'brand' Mailbook, might be a bit hard now :)
Navin Pareek
@yvoschaap I think it is a great product. Particularly for a country like India where weddings can have massive guest lists. I think I had 500+ in my wedding. My sister's wedding have ~1500 guests :) But I do think your proposition needs a bit more flushing out. Maybe a brief video explaining the concept. Also, why is it better than, say, a google form. Or maybe you are integrated with Google Places API? You also say that your Dutch version has a business version. Why not make it available in English as well?
Mark Murphy
Hi Fellow Makers! I launched TechReviewHQ last week: is website that aggregates thousands of tech reviews from across the internet into one place, whether from TechCrunch, The Verge, or MKBHD. In addition we have a pretty great Twitter feed and email newsletter to get reviews sent directly to you. My target audience is tech product enthusiasts who looking to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest in tech or looking to research tech products prior to purchasing. I'd love to get feedback on the site as whole. Do you find it easy to use and useful? Do you have any recommendations? How can I get it in front of more users? Let me know your thoughts!
Louis Thibault
Hi everyone! We are very close to launching our first product so any feedback (particularly on the landing page) would be amazing. Bespoke is a customer outreach tool that embeds a live chat in any link you share. It attaches a live chat to ordinary URLs, which can be emailed, tweeted, or shared. Marketers use Bespoke to converse with their audience in real-time, and Business Developers use bespoke to warm-up leads. You can find our landing page here:
Plankarma : Launching soon πŸ”Š ------------------------ Your team βŒ› time zone, πŸ”΅ availability and βœ… daily to-do in one minimal screen. Upcoming Page πŸ”— - Product link πŸ”— - Target audience πŸ‘¦πŸ‘§πŸ˜Ί - Remote Team πŸ—ΊοΈ How we can help πŸ€— - Join us on upcoming page so we can invite you for early alpha launch.
Joan Cardona
@mhrnik This is great! I find it hard to know everyone's time zone. Plus I use Todoist for my to-do list, it would be great to have everything in one place.
@nyeeu Agree. I am also making it as minimal as possible. Do join us on upcoming page. So as I will start using it with my team, I can invite you to try it.
Sam Abrika
Hi Makers, I have created Cash Coach to replace boring budgeting apps with a gamified experience: It's launched on iOS and Android in beta version. If you want to save more then checkout to download the app Looking forward to receiving your feedback ✌️
Nikolay Siabrenko
Hello guysπŸ‘‹ I am working on a new version of Upvote Bell Upvote Bell - it's dashboard for your Product Hunt projects where you can see statistics and realtime notifications. You can try it for free here -
Ray Li
@nikolay_siabrenko Honestly, there's no way I'm connecting my bank account to your app. Does not inspire enough trust. Would be more trustworthy if it was cleaner.
Navin Pareek
@nikolay_siabrenko Looks useful. Might just use it one day when I launch :)
Raj Gandhi
Hi everyone, I launched a side project and wanted some feedback on it. Right now, it's barebones and I'm using this project to learn to program and get a sense on how to solve the problem of finding pickup communities in my own surrounding area, as well as, other areas I might be visiting. Here's the site - If you have time I'd love some feedback! Thanks in advance :)
Maximilian MΓΌller
@r_gandhi620 I like how pragmatically you implement the idea and use external tools like Slack and Doodle instead of programming everything directly. Keep up the good work!
I'd love some beta users! I'm currently driving the development of Karma ~ A Cyberpunk Social Network: It's my answer to a lot of the abusive behavior that I'm observing from mainstream digital platforms, and aims to gamify self-education and civic engagement with lessons I've learned studying positive psychology ~ without ads encroaching upon the experience, without investor needs being prioritized over user needs, and without your data being sold to the highest bidder. My target demographic is anyone who considers themselves to be a "lifelong learner", "activist", or "cyberpunk". It's very much in pre-beta, but I'd say it's usable! If you're familiar with Reddit, you'll feel right at home. I don't have any specific asks, other than ~ "How does it make you feel?"
Amy Giddon
@eve_hammond I love your goals and motivations here! I wonder if your target groups really need gamification, they are pretty self-motivated, but recognition never hurts either.
Adam Upchurch
Hey! I just launched Read Leo. Leo is a reading app to help people learn a new language while reading their favorite stories. I'm looking for Beta testers and feedback!
Serge Charles
@adam_upchurch wow. A great idea. How long did it take you to get the beta out?
Amy Giddon
@adam_upchurch I like the idea and your website (haven't looked at the app yet). Why not have the user community read aloud to each other so that they also hear the pronunciation? Would be really fun to be paired with someone reading the same book in another language!
Adam Upchurch
@greenapptech_llc It took my about 2 months amidst learning React Native. I think an experienced react native developer could do it in a week
Adam Upchurch
@amy_giddon1 I’ve actually spoken with someone about pairing people for video chat to learn - could be a good medium for reading to each other!
Mohamed Salah
Hey guys, I'm planning to launch Vote Learn this week The idea is to help learners with 3 things: 1- find Blogs, newsletters and Experts on Social media to follow. 2- find Tutorials, Courses and Books. 3- find Communities (forums, groups, chat, etc) to join. I really need feedback! Thanks.
Josh Ruby
Hey eveyone, We're planning on launching a Reader View soon. It's a great way to read ad-free without leaving Google. Let me know your thoughts.
Gopal Kildoliya
Hey Makers, I am working on MySocialHike. It tracks your basic social media metrics and email you every Monday. What do you think about this.
Laurent Pellegrino
Hi there! That's it, Ipregistry is launched on Product Hunt Today: What a feeling! I love this community 😍
Wei Chun
Built a design agency: Designmoh ( 🎨 Get all your marketing and brand identity done with us! πŸ–ŒοΈ Logo, Poster, Flyer, Social Media Graphics, Podcast Cover and many more! πŸ’² 50% off for your first task! πŸ“š We will be launching content regarding design and branding. Stay tuned! Feel free to let me know if you have any queries! Cheers and have a great day ahead!
Melkamsira Antehun
Hey everyone, I am a developer and try to connect with the world. I have a new startup company called DevMatch which has the idea of connecting developers with IT-related projects. Here is my website if give me some comments I would really appreciate it.
Hey @melkamsira_antehun, something weird is happening with the navbar when scrolling down. I think you should take another look at it. It seems to be duplicating itself. Be careful with text on your images. The more colorful your background-image the harder it gets to read your text. Maybe try to darken you background-image for white text and vice versa. Or look for a fitting image like on is not really readable for me. Why does the german version look completely different?
Dave E
Hi guys, I have created a privacy-focused, no-uploading, none-tracking online photo editor. I'm looking for testers and feedback! If you're looking for simple image editor, try it.
Jeff Shek
Hello, I've created a free bot that'll help write your copywriting and mission statements. I've JUST launched and definitely making a whole slew of mistakes in this entire process lol. I've been slowly showing it to Reddit the last week to make sure it could handle multiple users and fix bugs. I feel good enough to show a larger audience (cross-fingers) this week. - It'll work to write your mission statement and product description. THANKS!
Jon Ching
@jeff_shek Awesome product :) I just shared mine a minute ago and saw yours right above me haha. We were in the YC SUS group meeting last week.
Jeff Shek
@jon_ching Sometimes the world feels really big, and yet somehow these moments ground me again. Awesome seeing you again!
Navin Pareek
@jeff_shek This is awesome. I just wrote a few lines on a topic in a couple of minutes!! Then I changed the tone while still writing about the same topic. And the prompts were different and relevant. I like this!