Remember and organize what you learned 🤔

#4 Product of the DaySeptember 19, 2019
Learnember helps you to remember and organize what you learned. 🚀
You can download the app from Google Play Store
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Hello PH, I am Gokhan. We are very excited to share our application ☺️ Too many people read lots of content and get information from them. When They, including myself, we write this information on phones' note applications. However, when these notes come together with other notes we have written for other things, there is confusion. The more information, the more difficult it is to remember them. It is painful not to remember even the information we learned a few days ago, and I am sure that many things that we learned one day will not come out of our subconscious when we need it.🤯 To alleviate this pain, we have developed a simple application that helps solve the problem a little bit. You can simply write what you have learned, organize them for quick access later with tags, and consolidate your knowledge by adding daily, weekly, monthly, yearly reminders. 🚀 Some features we will add in the near future 😇 ; -You will be able to share what you have learned with your friends and review the new information they have added. -In addition to making learning easier by reinforcing, we will also help to learn by gamification and add a scoring system to motivate users. -We will also add Learnember to the Apple Store.-We will make the reminders more specific. I hope that will be useful. We welcome your feedback 🙏
Looks great. will use it when it comes in IOS.
@hammad_akbar Thank yo, we are testing Leanember for Ios. I'll write to message you when it's published
Great product! Looking forward to trialling it once it's available on iOS 👍
Okay but I REALLY do not like typing on my phone. Add a web UI and data export option so we can use this on the desktop and I'm sold, I'd buy premium. Also note that there is no need for you to ask for personal information on sign up - that step should be removed.
@bitfalls Hello Bruno thank you for your feedback. We are developing a web app. We have register system because you will see your friends saved content and share your content with your friends. We want to build interactive learning experience. I hope it will be very helpful. I will notfy you when we publish web app :)
Register system is okay if it's opt-in. I don't need social interactions in my learning archive, so I wouldn't use this and I just provide fake data to your sign-in system. Also, social login via twitter etc would be more useful here in that case, considering you can then find people that follow you or who you follow, much easier than with email. Great news about the web app though!
@bitfalls We are adding social login. The other advantages of registering are that you can access your saved information in the database again if you can change your device or want to use learnember on other devices. So After we have created web app you can use Learnember on multiple platforms. We solve social login and register problem very soon ! Thank you again :)
Please add me when web app is available
When is the IOS version going to be released?
@sandeepp_venkat_chejerla Hey, We will released very very soon