A bot that writes your mission statement with you

writeup.ai is a bot that writes with you. it can help write your mission statement, any copywriting you're dreading, that research abstract, or the next great fiction novel.
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Hi ProductHunt! I made writeup.ai as a fun project to learn more about AI. Little did I know I would obsess over building it for the last couple of months. I'm happy to present it: It supports multiple styles including Legal, Academic Research, Song Lyrics, Mission Statements, and Harry Potter fanfiction! Runs on Google Cloud, and it's open-sourced! Hope you like it, and glad to answer any questions. Best, Jeff
Just tried this out and it's amazing! Was really impressed with how accurate it was - especially punctuation. Good luck!
@imswaathik Thank you!! (seriously, this is the first comment I've received on ProductHunt, so it makes me happy) I can't take much/any credit here lol, much smarter researchers at OpenAI published their models and I'm adding a little bit of training and UX ...
@jeff_shek Congratulations! :) Well, the product and usage of the AI tool is very nicely done. I like it! :)
Very cool! It’s simple but yet both useful and entertaining
awesome work on Natural Language Generation! It's fun to use this tool