Makers, what are you working on this week? (w/c August 26)

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Hi Makers! I'm working on finding podcasts with a similar audience to ours to arrange promo ad swaps, and also focusing on finding great guests for online discussions in the Makers community. What are you working on this week?


Alex Camilar
Hey guys, we just launched NeuralCam Night Photo ^^ we're working on outreach all week. how about you?
@alex_camilar1 Cool! Where else are you doing outreach?
Alex Camilar
@abadesi Well, ProductHunt is my first choice ;) We're looking at Reddit, hackernews, indiehackers while also going to press outlets. Busy week!
Mike Fedorov
Hi there! I'm working at my project Plutus Wallet, as usual. Right now we're trying to implement some new tools for in-app economics. A lot of work for the whole week!
Kash Pourdeilami
I'm working on a modern Excel with python scripting and machine learning directly built-in. This week most of my focus is on attending local meetups to get feedback and also fixing bug reports from last week
@kpourdeilami How is feedback collection going?
Kash Pourdeilami
@abadesi Not as well as I had hoped, everyone was on vacation this week and had a hard time finding people to get feedback from
Hey there! I am working on a project with my husband - a resume builder in Markdown called Resumey.Pro ( Personally, I am working on a marketing strategy for our product. I am learning which strategies might work best for our website.
Raquel Winiarsky
@k_j1 Hey Kavya! I'm working on marketing strategies as well - do you have a some sites, newsletters, or some sources that you'd care to share?
Greg Kopyltsov
Working CookUp link, a url you can pass any recipe webpage to that will pull out just the relevant recipe data and provide a quick way to save it, here is an example
Richard Hatcher
@gregkop this is so great. I hate having to read / scroll through a two thousand word essay just to get to the ingredients!
Greg Kopyltsov
@richard_hatcher thanks! I’m glad you find it useful, is there any way I can make it better for you? Adding content / features?
Richard Hatcher
@gregkop haven't tried the app yet, just added the URL to a random recipe to try it out. Worked well, was quick and the final recipe is great and easy to read.
Raquel Winiarsky
@gregkop Hey! Some feedback: it takes a couple of seconds to load (about 30 seconds). I really like the concept, I love cooking but my biggest challenge is cooking for two. I want to be able to go to the grocery store and actually meal plan for the week without over spending and wasting produce. I am constantly throwing my groceries in the garbage. If I could be able to find my recipes, be able to change the quantity, and then save those recipes (by day so I know what I'm cooking) that would be ideal. Reminders would be great too - "Hey! You saved this recipe, don't forget to cook up..." super rough but something along the lines of that. I always try to cook and then inevitably get super lazy but if I am reminded, I would probably be more motivated.
Michael Aubry
@gregkop This is a great idea! Wishing you the best on the execution. I am actually working on a meal planning tool for a big brand and feel like we can exchange some ideas. You should connect with me :)
Cihan Geyik
Hi guys,. Our project is a business bookmarking tool. Help departments, teams, and companies to build their web library. We are working at the discussion feature on Chrome, redesign landing page and get new 100 testers. - Busy week for us:
All about product/marketing: Product: - User Interviews - Finishing "Actions" (Set Deadline, Assign User, ...) on Tasks - Add authentication Marketing: - Tweeting Tasks of the community - Adjust copy on website - Start preparing a blog-post. Business: - Meeting with accountant - Value Proposition Canvas + adjust Business Model Canvas - ... You can check out most of the work at :D
Marlon Wayne
We're working on Impulse . This week we're putting a ton of effort into our Prizes feature where we will be doing big giveaways in exchange for answering a few questions. The excitement level is really high.
Boris Tane
Hi Abadesi, just very recently started a podcast, "!feature" where I discuss quirky, unusual or eccentric software bugs. 3 episodes so far, I'm getting the word out there at my office, on twitter and reddit :). Here's the link :
Gokul NK
Improving the user flow on Learning Paths.
Alessandro Tesoro
Just launched the demo for my new freemium WordPress plugin called Posterno. Now I'm working on rebuilding the website at in preparation for the sale of the first premium addon 🧐
Joan Cardona
Hi! I am working on finishing my new app! Mindful Affirmations is an app targeted to people who want to change their mindset, find happiness and improve their outlook on life. It will be soon launched on Product Hunt :)
Carlos Navarro
I was working on polish my new product in order to launch it on PH! πŸ₯³An app to read poetry πŸ“œ
Ross Macfarlane
Podcasts, great idea! We're just about to launch a new feature on, showcasing the best food & recipe podcasts every week. Our site is the worlds first recipe aggregator that uses AI to save people time when they cook recipes. Would be super interested in some online discussion-age :)
Mo Barami
HI There! Finishing up the front end android version of Passport.
We're doing marketing, seo, and keyword research for new content on the @zigpoll blog. Apparently if you build it they might not come :)
Lotanna Ezeike
Working on implementing the Instagram Graph API into our product before launch. The API docs are pretty crap though. It makes sense as to why there are no online tutorials :D
Michael Aubry
@lotts It's definitely a difficult one. Using the facebook graph API as well. Best of luck to you. Happy coding bro :)
Rauno Metsa
Preparing to launch Remote Tools on PH!
Sukh Sidhu
Getting everything together to start building a nocode MVP for OpenCoach - a marketplace of fitness and nutrition professionals