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Impulse is an anonymous question and answer app

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Hey guys! I'm excited to share Impulse with you all. I'm the lead designer here at Impulse. We've been working hard on an app that would deliver awesome feedback very quickly and wanted to build an app that was fully anonymous. I can't wait to hear what you think about the app and how it can be made better. Our goal is for Impulse to answer questions in as little as 3 seconds, eventually. Why ask 1 friend when you can ask 100? Impulse let’s you fire out thoughts, questions, and opinions to our growing community, and get instant feedback! Impulse is totally anonymous, so there’s no signup or passwords to remember -- be your authentic self. You just swipe on questions in the queue to vote. 😐 means you disagree 😎 means you agree and 🤷‍♂️ means you just don’t care. If you see something inappropriate, just swipe up to 🚨 report. Or post your own question and watch as the votes pour in from our active community. Questions are limited to 100 votes, but you can check in and see the current tally at any time. We’ve seen questions answered in as little as 5 minutes 😱! We’re already working on new ways to get feedback from friends, people nearby, and our anonymous community, so if you want to join the team, reach out via
I like the idea, will be good to see it on Android though
@golear we definitely want to see Impulse make its way to Android. We'll keep you posted!