What’s the best app for listening to podcasts?

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These are the ones I usually see friends use- but maybe there are more?


@rahulmfg I love Breaker's UI! But with Spotify I can switch between podcasts and music and I usually always have it open 😊
Kavir Kaycee
@abadesi I use Spotify so I don’t have to keep 2 apps on the homescreen when 1 can serve the purpose
@kavirkaycee yeah same! It's a lot simpler that way
neville grant
For me personally Apple podcas or spotity
@arthur_tkachenko Can you get all the podcasts you want to listen to on YouTube? Do the ads get annoying?
Tkachenko Arthur ~UA~
@abadesi I think it depends on different things. If you are stressed and ads bothering you - then it's time to take a walk. This is what I'm doing usually in last months. Yes, most of podcasts that I listen has a duplicate on YT. actually, when i make a decision to listen something long - it means that i'm very calm, so no, ads is not my problem
Amrita S
I use google podcast :)
@amrita_sukumar Nice! I guess if I was on Android I would, too
Christopher Chae
None of the above, Overcast .
@chaeschris I've gotta check this out! What are the best features you like on Overcast?
Pocket Casts. They still are ahead of Spotify with a few very useful features, in my opinion.
@keeev Ooh I must check this out, then. What are the features you like most on Pocket Casts?
Peyton Goen
Am I lame for just using Apple Podcasts? I listen to 15-20 hours of podcasts a week, and nothing has been compelling enough to make me switch!
@peyton not lame at all! I use iTunes when I'm on my Macbook if I can't find a show on Spotify. Sometimes I even listen in browser 🙈
Shelby Williams
Overcast is great because of the smart speed feature, which cuts unnecessary blocks of silence from the stream as you listen. They also tell you how much time you've saved, which is pretty cool (for me, 60 hours in the time I've had the app!)