The powerful, simple podcast app from Marco Arment

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2 Reviews5.0/5
The coolest thing about Overcast, I think, is that Marco started it by writing an audio engine, then built the app. The central feature seems to be around skipping empty space in podcasts (in addition to a nicely crafted app) and to make that happen, he wrote his own engine called Castaway
Been beta testing this for a while, and like usual Marco delivers a simple and powerful experience for podcasting. Given that I'm developing on Instapaper, it's interesting to see Marco's new app. I recognize a lot of the images and icons from older versions of Instapaper, and I can see places where Marco has learned from some mistakes and improved user flows. Also Marco's decision to make Overcast freemium is pretty interesting, since he was a big proponent of paid apps. The business model seems to be reflection of the broader market trends, where free apps with IAP are able to monetize better than paid-up-front apps.
Easily the most anticipated Podcast app of all time!
I just switched from Podcasts.app -- I'm sold. I just found, also, that it has a web app so you can listen on your computer too.
This is what I always wished Swell would become. I need these two products to have a baby. Overcast with a chance of discovering new podcasts!