Hi, makers!

Maxim Gavrilovich
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We make a platform for Startups to share services and staff. You can offer what you have and request what do you need. Find a developer on the project or sell your services in only place. Hope for your support and feedback. We work hard to help makers like we become more effective =) Cheers! https://www.producthunt.com/upco...


Austin Marks
Looks cool! Subscribed :)
Interesting idea. How does the exchange work? Tokens, money, time?
Maxim Gavrilovich
@andrefuchs Hi! In general, we want to collect in one plays offers and need from startups and match them in deals. You can sell your developer time to other project and find required services. We build b2b interaction tool. Companies can focus on their strengths and outsource the rest. They have more resources to develop better products.
Julia Clarks
Looks like a great idea! The only problem here is to teach people to exchange something else besides money, though.
Maxim Gavrilovich
@julia_roma true. But I believe in the future of b2b collaboration between Startups. For example, in one co-working place ca sitting two startup makers and wouldn’t know how they will be useful for each other. We want to make a platform like a black box, where everyone is putting their needs and offers and get required. subscribe to our the free beta, Julia =) And thank you for feedback.=)