Julia Clarks
Julia Clarks
Digital Marketer
Maker’s goals
  1. Trying to cut some time for the gym between business tasks :)

    Hanna Welch
    Anna Grigoryan
    Ferenc Forgacs
Last month
  1. Testing Twitter ads

    Ervin Shaqiri
    Go Youngistaan
    Mathieu GUFFENS
Earlier this year
  1. Close beta version of filewhopper.com

    SF Ali
    Jonas Brinkhoff
    Henrique Chappuis
  2. Making final bug fixes of Beta and almost ready to launch filewhopper.com

    Hanna Welch
    Bobby Bobak
    Gaurav Khanna
Last year
  1. Working on articles for the blog

    Gabriel Birnbaum
    Artem Galenko
    Antonina Krus
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