What do you use for mailing?

Maxim Gavrilovich
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Could you share your experience? What kind of tool do you use to interact with your audience after a subscription from the Landing page? I admit SendGrid.


Paroma Indilo
Check out mailgun - integration is pretty simple and you can make the process almost autonomous.
Maxim Gavrilovich
@paroma could I collect emails from my website to mailgun contact book?
Graham Seymour
I'm a diehard Sparkpost guy, myself. :)
Tom O'Malley
I have tried SEVERAL. I still use SendGrid for certain things. As good as they are at triggered sends and transactional mailing, they are far from the most user-friendly in terms of email marketing. I've dabbled in MadMimi, Constant Contact, and everything in between. The hardcore corporate pro's seem to like Klaviyo but I think it's overkill. I always come crawling back to MailChimp. Save yourself the future headaches and just go with MailChimp!
Maxim Gavrilovich
@sucantare oh, Thank you so much, Tom! You have helped save a lot of time. I really likes triggered sends, but its not the main USP=)
Khalil Habashi
I simply use Gmail since i can connect everything to it, Zoom, Hubspot, manage events and calendar (and we got credits so...)
Irma Mesa
I've been using Mailerlite
We use Mailchimp on the sales side, scales very efficiently
Maxim Gavrilovich
@cody_loop I have spend lots of time to check other solutions and finally land on Mailchimp. We will check API at work but I do think it is the best universal solutions at the moment.
@bpgate_com I am so happy to hear that, feel free to reach out if you have any questions. My colleague @keaton_aliabadi1 is a Mailchimp wizard!
Maxim Gavrilovich
What is your favorite mailing service?
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