Do your share resources with other Startups?

Maxim Gavrilovich
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Hi, fellows! I'm Max from Bpgate, where we help Startups share services and talents with other teams. We believe that cooperation is a boosting element for the business in the community. B2B sharing leads to more flexibility and agility, especially in Startups, where resources are vital. Startups can focus on their strengths and outsource the rest. They have more resources to develop better products. Our clients make a company profile and post their services and talents, whereas we are looking for clients. Also, the company can post a request for any assistance or expertise, and we find the best. Our business is connecting request and offers on the market in deals. We analyse each application. In case we don't have enough registered vendors to fill the request, we send the offer to potential vendors from our database. The main point that we match just real request with real needs. We focused on Startups as early adopters. We want to collect services, talents and requests from startups to help them reduce the cost of hiring, attract more clients and make money. Bpgate is near networking 3.0 and B2B Sharing economy, you don't need to spend time on 3-6 events, spend more money in LikendIn adv, chatting in Slack and Facebook to find a deal ask Bpgate what do you need and we find it for you. What do you think, makers? We make this product for Startup community and I hope you ask me the right questions that help us make the product mo effective. Cheers!


Anastasia Zaiceva
@bpgate_com Cool idea! It is always hard to find makers with startup mindset who do fast and appreciate quality
Una Vidaković
I love your idea! I believe that startup community should be all about supporting each other and cooperating. Good luck with it! :)
Maxim Gavrilovich
@una_vidakovic Thank you very much, Una! We will launch ~20 March. You can subscribe to us and become in the first line to touch the product. =)
Boris Dedejski
Very good idea pal, glad to share some knowledge together