Kevin ChengCEO, Incredible Labs

What's your favorite Skitch replacement?

Something to take quick screenshots with and easily share and annotate without the bloat of Evernote.
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  1. Lillian MilesJAVA Developer Logistik (m/w/d) · Written
    I've found that NoteLedge is a fairly good alternative. One of my favorite things is the ability to create handwritten notes, sketches/drawings and I use the media web-clipper tool fairly often for my notes and journaling. I think NoteLedge is a good fit for both students and those who take notes in a professional setting (work, meetings etc.) Everything syncs across all your devices through the cloud of your choice and you're also able to add notes to your calendar (both Apple and Google). Overall, NoteLedge is versatile, fun to use and a good solution for all kinds of note-taking
    Great app for capturing ideas and taking different kinds of notes, and if you have to share anything with friends/colleagues, it's very easy to do so.
    Jeremy ParkMiddle Java Developer · Written
    I am new to this app but I love it already - I use it for some light PDF editing, screenshot annotation and sharing things I'm working on. Very useful app.
  2. 7
    CloudApp Annotate

    Annotate screenshots right from your Mac's menu bar!

    Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale · Written
    CloudApp recently added annotations. I used to be a Skitch user, but this is just better/faster/not buggy.
  3. 6
    Teampaper Snap

    Take a snapshot, highlight key areas and share feedback

    ThanasisUI/UX @EU_Commission · Written
    Simple as hell and does the job!
  4. 4

    Highlight, annotate, bookmark and organize online research

    Max Yakin BozekArtist & Designer · Written
    For some other cases, more options on underlining.