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Which are the best Twitter bots?

That actively understand the context, while handling numerous tweets.
4 recommended
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    Out-of-office reply for Twitter

    Ryan HooverFounder of Product Hunt & Weekend Fund Β· Written
    A while ago I tweeted "Request for product: OOO autoresponder for Twitter" and a month later @ernstmul built it. Similar to an email out of office autoresponder, this bot responds to people that @mention you with an automated response. I'm doing a ton of traveling this month so I'll have to put this to work. 😊
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  2. Nikhil JoisGrowth, Bureau Β· Written
    Ever since @pmarca went missing from Twitter, it felt like a different place. This bot retweets everything that he likes and it helps us get a sense of what the great man is reading and thinking.
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    A Twitter text adventure

    Michael KnepprathDeveloper/Designer Β· Written
    Michael Knepprath made this product
    I'll share mine - it's a game!
  4. Zaheer BalochPrincipal Developer at AMEX Middle East Β· Written
    I built this bot to remind myself about 13 steps of Think And Grow Rich book. It is very simple and based on IFTTT and Time plugin.