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Braxton Fair16 years old, utilizing Linux, and HTTP.

What application(s) do you use to plan a new project?

Say you want to create a new project, say a website or software, what application(s) would you use to achieve a successful start to your product?
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    Taskade 3.0

    All-in-one collaboration. Chat, organize, get things done!

    Dionis Loire made this product
    Taskade is a great way to ideate, brainstorm, and get things done. You can create structured lists with infinite hierarchy and collaborate with your team on the same page.
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    Powering millions of teams to work smarter, together.

    Joshua Tabakhoff
    Joshua TabakhoffStudent Indie Maker · Written
    Trello is my favorite productivity tool to organize my ideas and classify them
    Waseem Aslam
    Waseem AslamDeveloper and Starter Upper · Written
    I would use Trello it is quite easy to use and its Free too. The best way to approach this is getting into the mindset of splitting up tasks and be diligent in moving items around the board otherwise it can be quite easy to just forget about trello and realise you haven't moved items around but the project has moved along .
    Lorenzo Fiori
    Lorenzo FioriMarketing&SM Manager at Nanosystems · Written
    Trello is absolutely the best tool available online. It is a powerful solution for your project management even for free! Strongly recommended to everyone
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    Notion Beta

    An expressive and collaborative document editor

    In terms of planning and outlining an idea, nothing is better than Notion. It's clean, simple, and most importantly, gets the job done in terms of feature-set.
    Colin Gray
    Colin GrayCEO - The Podcast Host / Alitu. · Written
    I love Notion for organising all my planning docs. Also, really handy for putting together web page wireframes. I'll use the simple layout tools to put together the copy for a page in a rough layout, then pass over to the designer on my team. They can make it look pretty from there!
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    The project management tool that grows with you

    Jessi Lu
    Jessi LuChange the future. · Written
    Hey, I would recommend our tool Zenkit. You can start with brainstorming in the mind map view and afterwards switch to the kanban board or table to organize your tasks and ideas. It´s easy to use with a lot of features for individual use. If you work with a team - no problem, you can assign tasks, communicate and track the process of your project. With Zenkit it´s possible to build your own database, set references to other collections or upload files.
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    The All-in-one Product Management Platform

    Pavel Kukhnavets made this product
    I vote for the all-in-one product management platform for growing companies, It proposes everything you need to manage any simple and complex project, from smart boards, task tracking maintaining a backlog roadmapping to the new updates and innovative features. Moreover, there are enough strong reasons for changing Jira or Trello to Hygger.
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    The work management platform for teams

    Joshua Anderton
    Joshua AndertonFull-stack Developer · Written
    I have a project for "New Project Ideas" and then when I decide to go ahead and build; I just convert it to a new project.
    Janett Shields
    Janett Shieldsfinancial analyst · Edited
    one of my favorite ones) When I'm planning publications to my tech blog - - I usually use it.
    Bart van Poll
    Bart van PollBootstrap community builder · Written
    It's the 3rd project management tool I've tried, and stuck with it for years now. Very satisfied.
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    Smartlook Qualitative Analytics

    Free user recording, heatmaps and analytics for sites & apps

    Fabian Maume
    Fabian MaumeFounder of · Written
    To understand how people interact with my website.
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    Get more done with smart time estimates and assignments

    Chandhann Kumar Ramchurn
    Chandhann Kumar RamchurnSoftware Engineer, Photographer · Written
    This one is pretty cool! The freemium concept is even more appealing - with notes, subtasks, lists and forums listed nicely. Give it a try!
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    UX planning tool for creating a visual sitemap

    One of the usefull tool for web development on planning stage — best before starting to work with designer, developer or copywriter.
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    The best user feedback tool for startups

    Fabian Maume
    Fabian MaumeFounder of · Written
    Nice to properly prioritise the product road-map.
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    Confluence 2.0

    An open and shared team workspace

    AshleyCommunications, VR tech · Written
    I would definitely recommend integrating JIRA and Confluence, as combined together they are perfect! You have all your issues on one page, you can easily manage the sprints; there is a really useful workflow system, as well as reports & charts; overall you have all your business processes perfectly structured and executed.
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    ProductPlan and Pivotal Tracker Integration

    Easily tie project details to your strategic product roadmap

    Before Trello, I use ProductPlan to plan my entire project & break them into smaller tasks which I later assign on Trello Board.
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    Codegiant 2.0

    Developer friendly project management tools

    Jitesh Dugar
    Jitesh DugarTechie & Product Growth · Written
    It's trending on ProductHunt today so it's worth talking about. Been using Codegiant since a week and it seems a great tool for agile project planning and management. Having a bunch of features like documentation, issue tracking, hosted git repositories and continuous integration, makes Codegiant a brilliant choice for end-to-end project management until project delivery. It is truly the only platform that we need to ship agile project :)
    Looks very clean!
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    Airtable Interface Designer

    Create custom interfaces to fit your team's specific needs

    James Dyer
    James DyerCo-founder & CEO of LitePaper · Written
    A 21st century database-come-spread sheet. Powerful tool with great UX.
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    AI powered dashboard with automatic insights from your team

    Hannah White
    Hannah WhiteMarketing Manager · Written
    Instead of using a normal project management tool here, like others have recommended, I'd recommend trying something like Tonkean. It's more of a Coordination Platform. Tonkean does the organization and tracking of information, like any project management tool, but also adds a layer of automation on top. Think of it like this, say you are hosting an event - 1. Add a new List to Tonkean titled '2018 Fall Event' 2. Create Tracks within the list like Attendees, Press, Music, Catering, Decor, etc. 3. Important relevant data (i.e. budgets from an Excel spreadsheet, RSVPs from an event app, etc.) 4. Assign an owner and a due date to each track (Braxton > Attendees > Due September 20) 5. Watch the magic happen Tonkean will monitor the dates, metrics and feedback from your team and have a ready-to-go dashboard for you at all times. Say there was a spike in people who could not attend your event, which was being tracked through that event app mentioned above. Tonkean's AI-powered chatbot would reach out to Braxton and see what the problem is. Then, the bot would publish his input to your dashboard on the 'Attendees' track and update it accordingly (the due date, metrics, whatever is applicable - it's smart enough to know!). As the person managing the event, you have no longer have to chase people down or sit in tiresome meetings to get status updates. It's all ready for you in your dashboard. The bot is even smart enough to know when your team is most likely to respond and provide input. All of this is awesome, but the game-changer is that nobody on your team needs to change anything about their workflow. Tonkean's bot works with everyone's favorite collaboration tools (Slack, Teams and email), and all your team has to do is respond to the Tonkean bot in Slack. They never even have to login to Tonkean. It's less nagging for you and less reporting for your employees. It's a win-win.
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    One combined workspace. All of your team documentation.

    Laure Albouy
    Laure Albouymarketing @ bonsai · Written
    Laure Albouy made this product
    Loads of entrepreneurs and startups are using Slite to kickoff their projects! It's a great way to keep track of meeting notes and overall knowledge that you gain as the project goes on :)
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    Keeps people on the same page

    Chris McIntyre
    Chris McIntyreFounder, Southern Made · Written
    Great access controls, easy notifications, and everyone is on the same page.
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    Sheets by Google

    Excel powered with automation and collaboration features.

    Why not? ;)
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    Lean project management for startups & small teams

    Marcel Folaron
    Marcel FolaronCo-founder · Written
    Marcel Folaron made this product
    Leantime was build for this exact case. It includes research boards for project inception. Roadmap planning for long term planning and a daily tracker for your immediate to-dos
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    Founder Content

    World’s biggest curated list of resources for founders ❤️

    Nick Timms
    Nick Timms🏋️ Drag, 🚀 Whoisvisiting, 💭 more on site · Written
    I would only use this if it's a small project primarily on email correspondence :)