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What application(s) do you use to plan a new project?

Say you want to create a new project, say a website or software, what application(s) would you use to achieve a successful start to your product?
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    Organize anything, together

    Joshua Tab.Crafting Meja and Walk · Written
    Trello is my favorite productivity tool to organize my ideas and classify them
    Waseem AslamDeveloper and Starter Upper · Written
    I would use Trello it is quite easy to use and its Free too. The best way to approach this is getting into the mindset of splitting up tasks and be diligent in moving items around the board otherwise it can be quite easy to just forget about trello and realise you haven't moved items around but the project has moved along .
    Lorenzo FioriMarketing Manager, Nanosystems · Written
    Trello is absolutely the best tool available online. It is a powerful solution for your project management even for free! Strongly recommended to everyone
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    Notion 2.0

    The all-in-one workspace - notes, tasks, wikis, & databases

    In terms of planning and outlining an idea, nothing is better than Notion. It's clean, simple, and most importantly, gets the job done in terms of feature-set.
    Colin GrayFounder, The Podcast Host ltd. · Written
    I love Notion for organising all my planning docs. Also, really handy for putting together web page wireframes. I'll use the simple layout tools to put together the copy for a page in a rough layout, then pass over to the designer on my team. They can make it look pretty from there!
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    The project management tool that grows with you

    Jessi Lu6Change the future. · Written
    Hey, I would recommend our tool Zenkit. You can start with brainstorming in the mind map view and afterwards switch to the kanban board or table to organize your tasks and ideas. It´s easy to use with a lot of features for individual use. If you work with a team - no problem, you can assign tasks, communicate and track the process of your project. With Zenkit it´s possible to build your own database, set references to other collections or upload files.
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    The task management tool, completely redesigned

    Joshua AndertonFounder of · Written
    I have a project for "New Project Ideas" and then when I decide to go ahead and build; I just convert it to a new project.
    Janett Shieldsfinancial analyst · Edited
    one of my favorite ones) When I'm planning publications to my tech blog - - I usually use it.
    Bart van PollCo-founder @spottedbylocals · Written
    It's the 3rd project management tool I've tried, and stuck with it for years now. Very satisfied.
  5. Chandhann Kumar RamchurnSoftware Engineer, Photographer · Written
    This one is pretty cool! The freemium concept is even more appealing - with notes, subtasks, lists and forums listed nicely. Give it a try!
  6. I would definitely recommend integrating JIRA and Confluence, as combined together they are perfect! You have all your issues on one page, you can easily manage the sprints; there is a really useful workflow system, as well as reports & charts; overall you have all your business processes perfectly structured and executed.
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    Easiest way to plan, visualize, & share your product roadmap

    Before Trello, I use ProductPlan to plan my entire project & break them into smaller tasks which I later assign on Trello Board.
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    The note app for teams

    Laure AlbouyAssociate @slite · Written
    Laure Albouy made this product
    Loads of entrepreneurs and startups are using Slite to kickoff their projects! It's a great way to keep track of meeting notes and overall knowledge that you gain as the project goes on :)
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    Beautiful yet powerful tools for agile project management

    It's trending on ProductHunt today so it's worth talking about. Been using Codegiant since a week and it seems a great tool for agile project planning and management. Having a bunch of features like documentation, issue tracking, hosted git repositories and continuous integration, makes Codegiant a brilliant choice for end-to-end project management until project delivery. It is truly the only platform that we need to ship agile project :)
    Looks very clean!
  10. Nick TimmsCo-Founder @ DragApp · Written
    I would only use this if it's a small project primarily on email correspondence :)
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    Realtime spreadsheet-database hybrid

    James DyerCo-founder & CEO of AYSHA · Written
    A 21st century database-come-spread sheet. Powerful tool with great UX.
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    A simple, beautiful and agile project management software

    Fawad AnsariCo-founder of nTask. Tech evangelist. · Written
    I recently discovered Scrumpy and found it a great tool. P.S. we have something in the works of our own for the same. I'll recommend it to you soon as we launch.
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    The visual workspace for teams.

    Starting with some simple notes in mind-map form is ideal. Whimsical is my latest favorite mapping tool – it's the cleanest-looking and most intuitive! Even better, they have wireframes and sticky notes coming soon.
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    Basecamp 3

    The best version of Basecamp ever made

    Chris McIntyreFounder, Southern Made · Written
    Great access controls, easy notifications, and everyone is on the same page.
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    Sheets by Google

    Excel powered with automation and collaboration features.

    Why not? ;)
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  16. Fred WilsonAgile & Software Consultant · Written
    This bad boy is new on the market and recently launched on Product Hunt. We have all heard of Trello and Asana as the best management tools out there. And while that maybe true, it's always better to check out emerging platforms with greater benefits each year. You'll find nTask easy to use, simple to explore and most importantly, soft on your budget (considering you can avail ALL features on a Free Account). Check it out !
  17. Enjoy it because of how intuitive it is, and that it has me covered for both organizing my tasks, messaging the team and accessing our files.
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    ✅ From todo list to daily kanban 📅

    Biraj Ghosh made this product
    You can visually organize things by color coding, use multiple tags to filter lists then use kanban view to work on them, also you can use daily kanban if you prefer tasks by date.
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    Produce beautiful notes, quickly and easily. (Mindmaps)

    Petr NagyGrumpy freelance developer · Written
    Excellent way to visualize your new idea and it's difficulty before making any more permanent structure.