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What is the best web app to track my crypto investments?

I'm looking for the best web app to track my altcoin. Probably a profit calculator etc
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    The Most Advanced Crypto Portfolio Tracker 🚀

    These guys are awesome and adding new features constantly. Integrates with quite a few exchanges for automatic transaction tracking.
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    Keep track of all your cryptocurrency & ICO investments.

    Mohammed RafyAll things Community · Written
    This is one of the easiest to use app to keep track. Oh, and they send you push notifications in a creative way.
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    The most trusted cryptocurrency tax and portfolio manager

    Cointracker is almost perfect - if you sync up exchanges make sure to only add "read" permissions but otherwise it's the best.
    I think CoinTracker is close to perfection as well! :)
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    Effortlessly monitor & manage all your crypto in one place

    palesaExploring... · Written
    Straightforward and easy to use with some advanced features such as tracking profitability. So far the only annoyance is the limited exchanges that they feature but not a big deal. Worth noting also is that they are constantly improving the app based on user demand (from what I've seen on Play Store reviews, anyway).
  5. CoinMarketApp has a Portfolio feature which will help you keep track of your transactions. You can see the profit on the main page of the Portfolio. Use the exchange and the pair you are interested in and the price of the coins is shown automatically. Very useful! I have been using the app for 6months and I am very happy with the evolution of the app.
    Chris Feisoftware engineer · Written
    Chris Fei made this product
    I use with app for almost 4 months it was very good but now with portfolio is the best in my opinion, I will recommend to everyone in cryptos.
  6. Tamas SzikszaiSenior developer · Written
    If you are looking for something straight forward and easy to use
  7. Jan SixProduct Designer / Front-End Developer. · Written
    Available for both iOS and Android Cryptonaut features some of the best UI and Ease of Use of any crypto tracker.
  8. simple, light and fast. so light you could load it on a 2g phone
    simple, light and fast. so light you could load it on a 2g phone
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    Track all your Crypto portfolios automatically 🚀

    Floran PagliaiLead Developer @Weglot · Written
    Floran Pagliai made this product
    Simple and with auto sync!
  10. Vladimir KokovicSoftware Engineer · Written
    Vladimir Kokovic made this product
    Auto sync with exchanges, looks good on both mobile and desktop.
  11. wojteksmooth brain operator · Written
    Simple app with a nice design by an indie maker.
  12. Jonathan Chum made this product
    I'm a little biased since I am the dev for Coin Beat :) Coin Beat focus on high availability, performance, and a tight, clean user interface.
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    FREE track your cryptocurrency assets with API AUTO-IMPORT

    Ankit AggarwalPartner @ Bitazu Capital · Written
    Pros: Frankly, the API integration of ALL major exchanges by BitUniverse does the trick. I don't have to update my portfolio on the app after every trade like Delta and Blockfolio. I just open it once a day, and I see my Net Value. That's all I need! Cons: Obviously, it still does not track investments in ICOs. It will be interesting if they (or any other app) can do that somehow.
  14. K. Hossenbux made this product
    Web app but build into a desktop app