GianfrancoProduct Manager in Ireland

What todo Apps let you schedule something on a day without a specific time?

For example, there are things I need to do but today but doesn't matter at what time. If possible Android or iOS + Desktop (browser or Mac)
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    Capture ideas, things to do and places to see

    Ahmed SulaimanProduct Lead @ Pitch · Written
    Wunderlist is really great for planning and tasks management. They have native applications for most platforms (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Web and even Windows Phone). And there is an option where you can setup specific due date for the specific task without any time.
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    Organize your life. Then go enjoy it.

    Hugo Fauquenoigrowth ツ product at doist · Written
    Todoist runs everywhere you need to get yourself organized: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Chrome, Gmail... Name it. You can add due dates and reminders on tasks.
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    Google Calendar

    Spend less time managing your day, now on iOS

    Within Google calendar, you can schedule an event or reminder as "All-day" which sets in on a day but not a specific time.
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    Omnifocus 2 for Mac

    Put your life in perspective and get things done

    Paul Williamscreative problem solver · Written
    OmniFocus has so many options and is as simple or as elaborate as you make it. (Hope this helps)
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    Nudgy Note
    Check this out for an interesting, social take on to-lists