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What are some of the payroll & HR apps that you use?

Are you using any online applications to manage your payroll and HR matters? What applications do you use and how is your experience?
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    Gusto makes payroll, benefits, and HR refreshingly easy.

    Tejas Kinger
    Tejas Kinger20SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc · Written
    Gusto for payroll processing. One of the simplest tools out there that scales with you.
    1000% Gusto, I've used them all, Gusto is living in 2022, and the other are still stuck in the 90's.
    • Derek Draper
      Derek DraperChief Customer Officer @ Slidebean

      Really love the Xero integration and ability to donate to charity directly from your paycheck. Benefits and 401k options are pretty competitive as well.

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    Freshteam by Freshworks

    Recruiting software for recruiters who want to do more

    Tejas Kinger
    Tejas Kinger20SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc · Written
    A very very easy to use applicant tracking software.
  3. 54

    The only HR software you need.

    Great HR system (not payroll) for multiple locations and countries. Solid integration with systems like Okta to automate all account creations and closure.
  4. Hemanth G
    Hemanth GCEO, Wipadika Innovations · Written
    Zoho People is one of the easiest and the most comprehensive tools out there.
  5. Swingvy is very simple and intuitive HR software. And it's free!
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    1-on-1 Meeting Assistant

    Have the best 1-on-1 meetings with your team.

    Shay Howe
    Shay HoweCo-founder of Lead Honestly · Written
    Shay Howe made this product
    Lead Honestly is my go to for team management, specifically as a leader. It helps facilitate all of our 1-on-1 meetings, provides a pulse of how the team is doing, and tracks action items we need to do.
    • Zain Jeddy
      Zain JeddyProduct Manager

      My manager utilized this tool for over a dozen of our 1x1's, each of which have led to juicy discussions with no time wasted. Our 30 min 1x1's have all been straight to the point to really get the core of where I'm at in my role. Answering LeadHonestly's questions has been a very effective method to vocalize my thoughts to my manager and as a result strengthened our relationship.

    • We've been using LeadHonestly for the better part of this year after moving from another service. We're a small tight-knit team of 10-ish people. That familiarity led to assumptions and the same two people getting together are going to quickly run out of new ideas of things to talk about.

      LeadHonestly provides us the opportunity to explore those unspoken assumptions and makes for better relationships all around.

  7. Matt Harney
    Matt HarneyWork @APPEALIE · Written
    Strong customer satisfaction focus (won our APPEALIE SaaS Customer Success Award: + good UX + usability
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    A modern web app for hiring utilizing design thinking

    Matt Harney
    Matt HarneyWork @APPEALIE · Written
    Best in class user scores (i.e. G2Crowd ratings) + clean UX + solid integrations --> Lever was selected as one of the best overall (not just HR) SaaS apps at our 2017 @APPEALIE awards (
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    A new kind of accountant

    Joe Workman
    Joe WorkmanI develop cool things for the Web & Mac · Written
    This company has been superb! They take so much off my plate and have wonderful customer service!
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    Powerful yet simple time and vacation tracking in Slack

    Tejaswi R
    Tejaswi RBuilding @TypitoHQ. Ex @VWO @Pipe_monk · Written
    - It is built into Slack, where you work and communicate most of the day. It has time tracking, time off/leave management and client billing. - The app announces who is on leave and when so that team gets on same page. Integrate with your google/ios/outlook calendars as well - It is highly customizable to fir a company's specific HR policy. Support is available in Slack as well.
  11. Thomas DIDIER
    Thomas DIDIER6Product Marketing Manager, Ermeo · Written
    This solution is simple, effective and has a great UX/UI!
  12. Easy set up, Easy navigation. Very suitable for Malaysia and Singapore use cases.
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    Beautiful accounting software.

    Van Gale
    Van GaleManaging Partner · Written
    If you don't need full HR, just payroll, this rocks.
    • Mira Dobes
      Mira Dobesco-founder of vidello

      We use Xero to control our income, expanses, VAT predictions. Great tool. It takes a while find out how to control all over Xero but in the end it is huge time server and we know pretty sure how the business stands.

  14. RK Kuppala
    RK KuppalaDog chasing cars! · Written
    Works seamlessly with GSuite - has bots integration, time and attendance, interviewing/on boarding, analytics dashboards.
  15. Cinthia Thomas
    Cinthia ThomasAn ERP Consultant · Edited
    This product is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics. A single software solution for finance and payroll. You have separate module for union accounting, certified payroll, 9/80 payroll system, etc.. The best software solution for finance and payroll.
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