Wesley Forlines
Wesley ForlinesMaker at FormFunc.

What's a clean looking, well-designed weather radar?

All the usual ones are super messy, full of article links, etc. I just want to go to a URL, see a map with my location and have simple layer and playback controls.
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    Dark Sky for Web

    Hyperlocal weather information, now on the web ⛈

    Jack Dweck
    Jack Dweck20Product Manager at Unroll.Me · Written
    Dark Sky is my go-to weather app and it has a nice radar feature.
    • Bart Diks
      Bart DiksR&D 4 3Dynamisch, way 2 busy these days

      love the emoji view, that is so much fun, great as a facebook background too

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    Real-time weather mapping

    Bogdan Slovyagin
    Bogdan Slovyagin$ is not a function · Written
    Because it's gorgeous. That's why.
  3. 1

    Interactive wind & weather visualization

    Clean site
    • Stewart Alexander
      Stewart Alexanderstewalexander.com

      This app constanly gets better and better, for instance now it has a widget available for iPhone. I am just amazed at the level of detail in this app.

      Definintely however for the weather nerd like myself, if you just want to know what will happen in the next hour, there are other apps for that