Paul Gomez
Paul GomezEngineer and Tinkerer

What's the best business card scanner mobile application?

I am looking for the best business card scanner application, one that has an amazing UI/UX and also is able to sync the scanned contacts to my gmail. Something that is fast, easy to use, and can store/scan the card within seconds of meeting someone (<1min)
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    Evernote Web - Oct 2014

    Note taking gets even simpler

    KateMarketer; prev Product Hunt, GitHub · Written
    Evernote can quickly and easily scan your business cards and keep the rest of your information and notes synced across all of your devices and the cloud. I use it for basically everything.
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    FullContact for Gmail

    Your Gmail Contacts. On steroids.

    ronsheridanStartup Wannabe · Written
    They transcribe the cards (quickly) after you scan them.
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    Drop: Exchange Contacts

    Seamless, cross-platform exchange. NOT another 'bizcard app'

    Just snap paper business card and drop will send your vCard via Text and Email