Shantanu RaghavProduct Guy @Mobiefit

What is your #1 wireframing tool ?

I am personally a big fan of "BALSAMIQ MOCKUPS", it is mostly drag and drop and you can download many layouts from web. When creating some high fidelity mockups I use photoshop also with it, to create subsections.
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    Sketch 3

    Professional digital design for Mac.

    Kunal Bhatia52Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp · Written
    I'm pretty quick with Sketch that I can use this and then import to Atomic to build my prototypes. Sketch Mirror is also helpful to get the designs on a device and walk the wireframes around.
    Mark B.Product Manager, CJ Affiliate · Written
    I love Sketch. I am an engineer-turned-PM, and I am not a front-end designer. Sketch makes me look competent when I'm conveying ideas to the UI/UX teams & they can easily build on my ideas.
    You can find many great resources out to get started.
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    Whimsical Wireframes

    Lightning fast wireframing with real-time collaboration.

    Mak TháimCommerce Product Lead at VinCommerce · Written
    Whimsical offers a great set of elements that help you build wireframe very quickly.
    Dan EdwardsDesign at Product Hunt · Written
    Super fast, nice UI and you can try it out for free.
    Amol PatilProduct @Carta · Written
    Whimsical is one of the best ones I've used, hands down. I still use Sketch but I find Whimsical to be my starting point and Sketch only when things are more crystalized.
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    Turbo prototyping tool for websites 🚀

    Yara Nevmerzhitskaya3Lead seo specialist, marketer · Written
    Love it! A lot of ready-made blocks and prototype templates. Allows sharing your prototype with team members or clients to collect feedback right on the prototype! All the edits will be displayed online.
  4. Brett Hellmanceo@matter • former ceo@hall (acquired) · Written
    great app. We use it here at Matter and love it.
    Noëlie RxEditor-in-chief and Front-End developper · Written
    I think Figma is a great tool because it's a website but also a software. It's compatible for mac and windows so that way all the collaborators can see and participate to a project even if they not on the same device and OS. And you can also use it to build wireframe and your design, styleguide and whatever you want because it's like Sketch.
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    Adobe XD CC 13.0

    The future of experience design is here.

    Mehdi BoudoukhaneBuilding products that take a stance · Written
    Adobe XD is great for both designing and prototyping, and it's free as long as you don't want to share more than 1 prototype or design spec at a time.
    Brandon WuCo-founder, · Written
    I like it for its simplicity. Easy to get started, easy to get the ideas across, and easy to collaborate with others.
    Sonya HollandInstructional designer/Web designer · Written
    I am new to UX/UI. Adobe XD is easy to use. I really like Adobe's platform because it allows designers to store and integrate assets with ease.
  6. Donovan FrewI build stuff. Apps, teams, etc. Stuff. · Written
    Fast and easy plus the low fidelity visuals keeps the conversation about the ux and interactions not the pixels.
    VickiFounder @Statalog | Asks "why?" too much · Written
    Not sure my recommendation is helpful, but I liked Balsamiq. Though, I have no other experience with wireframing. I like the look/design of the product.
    It does the best job in keeping the wireframes super simple!
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    InVision Studio

    The world’s most powerful screen design tool

    Greg IngelmoCTO @ Corner Door · Written
    Integrates directly with, which is amazing. The desktop client is similar to Sketch, but their web frontend is way ahead.
  8. Shamit KhemkaM.D. - SynapseIndia · Written
    It’s a powerful tool with a variety of functions. Such as wireframe, flow chart, and interaction design.
  9. Niklaus GerberI assist with digital innovation · Written
    It is just great to start with wireframes and then to evolve to fully fledged designs.
  10. 3

    Mockup and wireframing tool; better than Balsamiq!

    Blokh AleksandrAndroid developer · Written
    If you're aiming on prototype only: 1. There's nothing faster to learn 2. Product is in active development 3. There's a team collaboration 4. Has free to use entry level 5. Web based
  11. 3

    Free design and prototyping tool for teams and professionals

    Stefan Theofilos10Product Designer, Entrepreneur · Written
    At my company, we use UXPin. It's simple to use and very diverse at the same time
    Jon BosworthTransitions are opportunities for design · Written
    We used UX Pin at my last company and it was so much easier to create simple wireframes that could be easily built into high-fidelity prototypes (with existing component libraries) that testers usually thought was a real product when using. Atr my current company we use InVision, which is a good tool, but inferior in ease of use, collaborative qualities (working with content designers), and way way better for testing prototypes.
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    The faster, better and funnier way of making mockups

    Use this tool if you want to make a mock fast
  13. Just drag and drop to make a prototype. Works well for mobile apps, and the price is competitive.
  14. Used this a lot 2 years ago. You can build libraries, export to HTML (so you can publish it on your server)... Lacks receiving feedback (but maybe updates have been made...)
    Stuart ClaggettTechnology, games, photography, travel · Written
    Used for prototyping UI
  15. 1

    Diagrams Made Easy

    David HunterWeb design, SEO, and local search ❤️ · Written
    Very low learning curve, no technical skills needed.
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    Sketch for Designers

    A growing collection of the best Sketch resources

    Klaos MarksI'm a Set Designer and a Creative Kid · Written
    It's a nice tool for designer, it gets less time to do your work
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