Andrea Hernández
Andrea HernándezFounder, Pretty Eats

What's the best app to plan itinerary for trips/share with friends?

Is there such a thing? If not - can this serve as a request for such a thing?
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    It's a new day for docs.

    I've been planning my upcoming vacation in Coda (disclaimer I work there). I like it because I can start free-form and evolve to what I need for that trip over time. For example I started with a table to throw ideas of places to go into, but that evolved into tasks for marking when I had booked something or decided against it. Then when I hooked this up later into my day planner I already have all my data for the places to go (addresses, costs etc) Here's an example :)
    Jeremy Olson
    Jeremy OlsonDesigner @ Coda · Written
    I also work there but one of my family members created a Coda doc for our family vacation, allowing us to vote on activities, schedule collaboratively, etc. It's been great.
    • John Donham
      John Donhamceo tunein

      The first demo was kinda mind-boggling. Many more people are programmers than think they are - ever put a formula into an excel doc? A3 = A1 + A2. Congrats, you are a programmer.

      Part of what makes excel and spreadsheets such a universal tool is the micro-programming anyone can do and therefore incredibly powerful.

      So imagine if you brought that power to everything outside of spreadsheets. And reinvented spreadsheets too.

      Take micro-programming and applied it to everything, suddenly you could do what feels like magic things for a document to be able to do. Reading through a few of the other reviews, that's why non-app developers are saying things like "it's my to-do list app that I created myself".

      I'm thrilled to see where the journey goes from here.

    • Zoe Olson
      Zoe OlsonStudent

      I am having so much fun with Coda. I am a senior in high school taking classes at community college, and Coda has helped me to organize my life. The interface is simple and so fun to use that I want to start making all of my documents in Coda. Then, if for any reason I want to turn that document into something interactive and alive, I have that option.

      The first document I made in Coda was a to-do list to keep track of my school assignments and deadlines. In a few minutes, I created an app as powerful as any to-do list app you can find on the app store, and on top of that it was customized to my liking. I even made it so if the due date was approaching, the task would turn orange, and if the due date was that day, the task would turn red. All that with basically just a few clicks. And the best part is I can now add any features I want. For example, my next idea is automation. Taking the info from a weekly schedule, and automatically making that day's to dos into a new list.

      I have had early access to Coda for just a week, but I have already created so much, and my imagination is the only limit. Now that it has been launched to the public, I can't wait to see what other people will create with it.

  2. 24 BETA

    A site that plans your multi-city travel in a few clicks

    Irfaq Syed ⚡️
    Irfaq Syed ⚡️3Founder & CEO, Lukonet · Written
    Recently started using this App and found it very useful. Locations are limited to Europe and North America right now, but hopefully they'll cover other regions too.
    Aleh Tsikhanau
    Aleh TsikhanauProduct designer & entrepreneur · Written
    Aleh Tsikhanau made this product
    Anna Zhyhar
    Anna ZhyharProduct Manager at · Written app gives travelers a better idea for their trips :)
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    Google Trips

    Exploring the world with all your travel info in one place

    Tom Bielecki
    Tom BieleckiCofounder, PrintToPeer · Written
    I was genuinely surprised with how well the Google Trips apps was thought out. The recommendations are great as well as the offline-first experience, but also the integration into other Google apps.
    Kunal Bhatia
    Kunal Bhatia51Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp · Written
    The travel guides in Google Trips are an awesome place to start. I helped my parents plan travel to Europe in half the time it normally takes me time to research things to do. They have suggested itineraries and you can customize things when you're there. A tap of the magic wand when you're on your trip, and you can find cool things to do nearby.
    Shashank Tiwari
    Shashank TiwariMessage me to know me · Written
    The defacto I'd say as the accuracy of the data displayed is marvellous. Infact, I came to know about a lot of more areas to visit in my previous trips. Recommended!
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    A smart travel companion

    Peter Gerard
    Peter GerardCo-founder @ Welcome, former Vimeo VP · Written
    Peter Gerard made this product
    We just launched our travel app that makes it super easy to make wishlists or ask friends for tips. It turns your wishlist and friends' tips into an AI-powered realtime itinerary. We'd love your feedback and suggestions and hope Welcome might be the thing you're looking for :-D
    Andy Thompson
    Andy ThompsonProduct at Spotify · Written
    Beautiful app, the real-time “plan” View is unique and fun. Despite the fact I live in NYC, I decided to act like a tourist yesterday and just follow Welcomes plan for me for lunch and coffee, both at great spots downtown that I had never been to before. I haven’t asked for tips yet, but I’ve seen a few friends asking around international travel plans. I could definitely see using this any time I arrive in a new place. I’m a huge Swarm and Foursquare user, but this sits in a unique spot between the two apps (and ties in nicely with their data), so I’m eager to see how this app changes the way I travel.
    I was on the beta for this for a while. Have already used it very successfully for a great trip to Miami. It also helped me discover some new spots in OC, CA. Love the UI. It's actually fun to use.
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    Tripomatic 3.0

    Itinerary planner for independent travelers

    Kunal Bhatia
    Kunal Bhatia51Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp · Written
    When I traveled to India for 3 weeks, I used Tripomatic (now called Sygic Travel) to plan each day. I got quite a few recommendations on what to go see when I started planning. It's really helpful with the map feature, and you can organize your trip however you want. The route mapping is really helpful, and it can help you decide how many things you should do in a day. You can share and collaborate with your friends too.
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    Trip planner that lets you share the itinerary with others.

    Rafael Kellermann Streit made this product
    Tripsy is an iOS app to plan and share your itinerary with others. You can add all kind of activities into the app and it's not location based, so you're free to input your own locations and notes. You can also sync between devices, receive flights alerts and more!
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    On-demand travel concierge

    Kate53Head of Social @ GitHub · Written
    Pana is awesome because they basically plan your trip from arrival to departure for you and send you the itinerary. You just get to enjoy. It's like a travel-specific butler for the 21st century.
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    Explore more than 400 000 hidden tourist places in Europe.

    Ladislav Šalom made this product
    This app is more for searching new places but it also has light planning features and you can share places with friends.
  9. Harshad Kale
    Harshad KaleiOS and Android Developer · Written
    I use Kayak Trips. It automatically lays out your trip plans from your reservation emails if you grant it an access. If not, you can forward your reservation emails to and it will do the same. Kayak app also sends push notifications about your flights timings, check-in alerts, gate updates and baggage claim belt numbers as well.
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    Connects top travel articles with maps

    Stephanie Goldman made this product
    Map2Next allows you to read articles from top sources (Eater, Thrillist, Airbnb, Uber) and attaches their recommendations with maps to make them more accessible on-the-go. So you can save the places and articles you are interested in for later. It makes finding great places easy, and the UI is beautiful. Disclaimer: I work here. Let us know if you have any feedback! :)
  11. Yes ! I am working on a prototype of this application where I wanted to make travel sharing easier, it's still under development ( I am looking for a developer) but we have some good user feedbacks on the xd prototypes.
  12. I love to suggest and share my suggestions but there's always need to customize the itineraries based on time, weather or people. Google My Trips let you share, add layers and add every kind of information (links, photos, notes, videos, etc.)...
  13. Vedant Bajpai
    Vedant BajpaiBlack Board Educate App · Written
    which you are looking so you will download now this will help you out
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    Organize anything, together

    I use Trello for almost everything, but it actually works especially well for trip planning! You can have lists of places to see, where to stay, what to pack... And it's really easy to share with anyone
    • Nick Allen
      Nick AllenHead of Marketing at FileInvite | Kiwi

      Brilliant for managing all your project backlogs in a Kanban fashion. Including a list for the DIY tasks around the house.

      As a Marketer I use this daily to manage workflow, sort ideas around future content and prioritize my activities. My team collaborate and report using handy integrations with Google and we use it as a Customer service and Sales script repository to store links to docs and how-to videos.

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    • Johnathan Holland
      Johnathan HollandI truly obsess over helping others..

      If you aren't an organized person Trello allows for easy to see visuals that help keep projects on track. The team at Curexe has specifically used it to organize our bugs, new features, staging and production stages of our development.