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Options for selling digital subscriptions for a SAAS using their own payment gateway accounts?

Gumroad is one, which doesn't require you to use your own Stripe / Paypal account to collect payments. They collect it directly in their account & then payouts to sellers. Any other service that I could find require you to use your Stripe account. Stripe isn't available in my country but I wish for good Payment UX. Gumroad specifically fit the bills but I got to know that they silently removed the webhooks functionality that made it easy to integrate payments in a frictionless manner. Right now, after the payment, the user is left stranded and they have to check their email + click a link to take them to a relevant page.
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  1. Khalil Fadhel
    Khalil FadhelSoft Eng, e-neur and art enthusiast · Written
    You can check stripe atlas, it create a US company and bank account for you so you can use stripe from your country.