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Looking for a very specific pricing tool for personalized products

EDIT: Typeform doesn't fit TL;DR: Looking for something similar to Tars/Woocommerce but faster to build and embeddable. I'll start selling my commissioned drawings and I really don't want the customer to email me a picture and wait for my answer. I want an automatic tool, be it a ChatBot, a form builder, etc (Embeddable. Let's keep the customer on the website, shall we?) that shows the final pricing after the customer answers a few questions about the reference picture. I did the Google Forms version here (but I don't want this to be my pricing system, as the customer still have to wait for my answer). Nobody has time for secretive pricing plans (like most artists do, "Send me an email") and setting a traditional art commission shouldn't feel like 1750. Overall, the tool MUST have logic conditions and it must "keep track" of the answers and combine them all so it gives the correct final price. Unfortunately, most ChatBots and forms don't have this "memory" and I really don't have time to teach a ChatBot how to write (aka WTF is "Create Entity"?). Making the customer pick cards with images will be great, pre-selected questions will make the conversation flow (and teach the Bot how to write is actually possible this way). WooCommerce has an easy tool to build a product with variations but I'm not using Wordpress so something similar would be nice too. Another nice example for my business would be something similar to YourOwnMaps I emailed the website owner about who did this and answered with "people outside the U.S. made this" so it doesn't seem like Humphrey wants to share the knowledge or send more clients to whoever built this. I found a ChatBot called Tars here in PH that fits ALL the requirements above (cards with images, unlimited questions, embeddable, link redirection, good looking, etc) but the only problem is that I must add each question manually so the Bot keeps track of the answers until the final price message. But then, these are my questions. Materials: 2 options Number of subjects in the picture: from 1 to 6 Background: 3 options Clothes: 2 options (and if the customer answers YES, there will be a logic condition for another question with other 3 possible answers) Skin: 2 options with the same condition above ~a few more questions~ *Shows final price* And Tars is painfully manual so imagine creating a different pathway for each option. You'll end up with a thousand questions, some of them being typed more than 100 times.
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    Jiaqi PanCEO at · Written
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    Hi Bettina, sorry that I didn´t read this full request before. If you are looking for native interface based chatbot, landbot would be a good option. It´s still in early stage already offers most features you need. The only question left is in terms of building process we are quite similar to Tars. How ever if your logic tree is well structured which it seems to be, my team can help you to build it automatically so you don´t need to do it manually. Would this solve your problem?
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    Typeform makes asking questions easy, human & beautiful

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    Could you use the logic conditions in this survey tool to create this?
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    Engati chatbot platform

    Build your personalized bot in minutes

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    Hi Bettina We at Engati can custom build it for you? We do have workflows/paths what you actually need for your bot. We even have FAQ upload feature where you don't have to manually add questions and can upload the Q/A at once and train the bot. Brief about Engati: Engati a chatbot platform handles everything else, setup, publishing, learning, traffic analysis, learning modules and a rich analytics dashboard. Engati is already being used as a Customer service bot in various business lines and domains and can prove to be an appropriate tool for your use-case too. Let's get connected over the email. Our email address is
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