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What are the best apps for social media managers?

Looking for the best tools for social media managers, I want to understand more the stack of marketers and SMMs worldwide, what do you use every day and how it interacts with other products? :)
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    Create a custom Twitter experience.

    Tejas KingerPMM @ Plum | Prev. @ Freshworks Hiver · Written
    Tweetdeck is another great tool to manage your twitter feed. Create streams with specific keywords/hashtags/handles to stay on top of whatever you need while you're on twitter.
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    The command center for your social media team

    Vlad Calus made this product
    Planable is the most visual platform to create social media campaigns, collaborate on posts, exchange and give feedback, get posts approved and schedule to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. It's a great choice for social media managers that: - collaborate on their posts - brainstorm ideas - ask for approval - manage multiple pages/clients in the same time You can easily sign up at - planable.io
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    Better Google alerts.

    Tejas KingerPMM @ Plum | Prev. @ Freshworks Hiver · Written
    Mention is great if you're looking for a social media tool that helps you stay on top of all mentions for your brand on social media. Think of it like Google alerts for social media.
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    Create interactive Facebook live videos in few clicks

    Khalil FadhelSoft Eng, e-neur and art enthusiast · Written
    Khalil Fadhel made this product
    It doesn't help you manage you current content but helps you create live videos tended to increase organic engagement on Facebook.
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    A powerful, award-winning app for media monitoring 🚀

    Kuba RogalskiContent Writer at LiveChat · Written
    Kuba Rogalski made this product
    This is a slightly biased recommendation but I reckon a social media monitoring tool is a must-have in a social media manager's toolkit. There's more to this tool than just monitoring keyword mentions and you can make use of analytical features measuring the performance of your brand on social media with metrics such as a number of mentions, social media reach, engagement such as likes, shares, and comments, etc. You won't be able to schedule and publish content with it but it can be used in terms of social media management nevertheless.
    Daria ZabójContent designer · Written
    A very good tool!
  6. Definitely the best out there in my opinion. Comprehensive yet super simple to use.
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    ArunHappiness Engineer, Automattic · Written
    One of the finest social media marketing tools. Schedule post and track analytics at its best.
  7. ArunHappiness Engineer, Automattic · Written
    Crowdfire is super powerful too. It's rich and feature packed with deep insights on followers.
  8. Paul ShuteyevExperienced Digital Marketer · Written
    Scans a Facebook page and shows scores, rates and recommendations on what to improve and how to do it. Free web tool.
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    OneUp is a social media post scheduling tool

    Davis BaerCo-Founder of OneUp · Written
    Davis Baer made this product
    I might be a little biased, but OneUp is a Meet Edgar alternative that works with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Plus - at a fraction of the price. With OneUp, you can easily schedule evergreen posts to be recycled for a specific number of times, at set intervals. For example, if you want to share your latest blog post once a month for the next 3 months, you can do that in about 10 seconds. Like OneUp, MeetEdgar allows you to recycle your evergreen posts, but it requires that you upload posts to a queue. The more content you add to your queue, the less frequently your posts will resurface. Depending on what you're looking for, MeetEdgar could be a great solution. However, many people just want their posts to be recycled at a set interval, like "once a month for the next 3 months", without having to do the mental calendar math: "If I have 56 posts in my queue and I add my blog post, how often will it be republished if I am sharing 3 posts a day, but adding 2-5 more each week?"
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    The only way to organize your marketing in one place.

    Nora ConradOwner of NoraConrad.com · Written
    It's a bit pricey but it;s worth the splurge. I manage 5 clients and charge them a "systems fee" to help me cover the cost. This is the easiest calendar tool for social media managers on the market.
  11. Sam RyePractitioner of Social & Enviro Regen · Written
    Lumen5 is an awesome secret squirrel tool for turning content into promo videos. You can also use it to create quick videos for anything else. Comes with a wide range of stock imagery and videos. Easy to learn UI. Brandable.
  12. Tejas KingerPMM @ Plum | Prev. @ Freshworks Hiver · Written
    HootSuite is a wonderful tool too! View your social media channels in real time in the form of parallel streams, create and respond to posts from within HootSuite.
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  13. John AbabsehEpiphany Enthusiast · Written
    Hubspot is awesome for tracking social media accounts, seeing what channels drive the most engagement, and what to track to turn that engagement into actionable items.
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    At the heart of your brand

    Ariel LongGrowth with tech · Written
    Keep all your files, stock images, product images, videos etc. in one place and find the right one you need within seconds.
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    Pablo by Buffer

    Create engaging images for your social media posts in 30s

    To create engaging images quickly
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    Identify the most shared links and key influencers

    Check what is trending
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    The super-easy way to see news from your friends

    Check what is trending among YOUR community/friends
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    ContentStudio 2.0

    The command center for your content and social team 🚩

    Waqar AzeemCo-founder - ContentStudio.io · Written
    Waqar Azeem made this product
    ContentStudio is a powerful social media management and content marketing tool that is helping businesses in streamlining their workflow, increasing their reach and getting better ROI from their marketing efforts. You can use ContentStudio to bring your team, clients and content on the same page with better content discovery/curation capabilities, better collaboration and approval workflow - and robust automation features that save time.
  19. As a social media manager, I got more than one account. That's why it's really inconvenient to log in and log out over and over again. AppLock has a feature that you can manage multiple SNS account at the same time, that just makes things so much easier for me. More importantly, you can lock up all your app by using this app.
  20. Post66Post66 Social Media Management App · Written
    User-friendly and affordable social media management app. Features: - Connect as many accounts as you like. - Post to all your social media platforms at the same time. - Supported platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn. - Free one month trial. - Analytics.
    Very useful tool, especially if you manage a lot of accounts.