Dan LucasProject Manager

If SoundCloud goes away, where will you host podcasts?

Even with the emergency funding, the staff cuts set an ominous tone around this great service. Where will you transfer when the time comes?
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    Anchor 2.0

    Make audio Stories, with voice, music, clips, and call-ins

    Kunal BhatiaDesign @ Mercury · Written
    Anchor does a nice job with allowing you to create podcasts directly from your phone with some great engagement features. They also allow you to convert your existing podcasts from SoundCloud, RSS, etc., to make the switch easier (see https://anchor.fm/switch). You can even publish Anchor podcasts outside the app to Apple and Google.
    Leigh CooperI make videos on the internet! · Written
    Agree with Kunal! Anchor's mobile tools are great. The only downside is that (as of yet) you can only add clips from an external file from the desktop version, and all podcasts are cut into smaller Snapchat story-like chunks. I'd recommend it more for shorter podcasts than longform conversation podcasts.
    Kira PerntSEO Specialist · Written
    I agree with Leigh. Podcasts are cut into smaller Snapchat story-like chunks, but it is so popular today. For short podcasts it is more actually.
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    Your podcast's hosting and analytics platform 🎙️

    Prasad LingawarGrowth @ Infracloud · Written
    New player is in the market :)
  3. Leigh CooperI make videos on the internet! · Written
    I've also considered AudioBoom, it's a paid platform, starts at $9.99/month, but never actually used it so I can't speak to how it stacks up to Anchor.
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    Podcasts made social 🎙

    Beautiful app that is gaining huge traction and working with some podcasts to host already.
  5. Thomas DIDIERHead of Marketing · Written
    Great analytics, super easy to use, and awesome customers service