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Whats the best app to organize my screenshots?

I screenshot lots of different apps or notes or tweets and I want an easy way to bulk tag/categorize them to be able to review later. what app should I use to do this. iOS or Mac
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    Raindrop.io 4.0

    All in one bookmark manager become even better

    Take a look at Raindrop. At it's core, it's sort of a cross between Pinterest and Pocket, but you can still use it to serve what you're looking for. You can create collections for your screenshots and add tags as well.
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    CloudApp 4.0

    Lightning fast media sharing and screengrabs

    Nick Abouzeid36Words at Product Hunt ✌️ · Written
    Nearly everybody at PH uses CloudApp - definitely worth a shot if your desktop is covered in screenshots & gifs like mine 😬
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    Research, Save, and Share Screenshots

    Moak DesignsInternet Marketing Specialist · Written
    Shows you a grid of all of your screenshots and you can organize them into collections and you'll have a single page for each collection if you only wanted to share certain screenshots. I use it all the time.
  4. Qaunain MeghjeeHead of Technology @ Level39 · Written
    I use this, lets you take screenshots and easily annotate with and it then generates an expiring cloud link instantly or you can connect it to your storage tool of choice i.e. GDrive / DropBox. You can create folders on demand and move items between. Overall it's a great screenshot and annotation tool. It also does video screen recording which can't be annotated. The only flaw is that it doesn't video screen record 4k screens too great.