What are the best productivity and collaboration tools for remote workers?

There are multiple well known tools that have enabled the growth of remote work (Xoom, Slack, etc). Are there any new tools that are worth taking a closer look at to test them? Thanks!
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    Taskade 2.0

    Team tasks, notes, and chat, in one unified workspace. 🧠✍️✅

    John XieSimplicity is the key to brilliance. · Written
    John Xie made this product
    Taskade is a real-time organization and collaboration tool that simplifies the way your remote team works. Manage tasks, write product specs, and video chat with your team, in one unified space!
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    Hygger 2.0

    The all-in-one project management tool for product makers

    Hygger.io is an excellent online tool for task management and team collaboration. If your team is working remotely, you'll definitely appreciate smart features that Hygger proposes for virtual collaboration: friendly Kanban boards, roadmaps, based on Gantt Charts, to-do lists, prioritization frameworks, and many more outstanding features.
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    ProProfs Project
    David MillerEducational Researcher · Written
    ProProfs Project is the best productivity and collaboration tool for remote workers. I’ve personally used this application and got an immersive user experience with it
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    MirrorFly Chat
    Parthibakumar Murugesan made this product
    Real-time collaboration is an essential part of the work process .Mirrorfly is a like SaaP Solution that allows you to share Real Time Chat, Video Solution and Voice Call solutions.
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    Free online diagramming tool for developers

    Vladimír SemanI work at e-commerce · Written
    Vladimír Seman made this product
    Depends on what kind of remote work you are doing. If you need to sketch diagrams, you can try the free text-to-diagram tool Gleek. Even it is primarily used for creating UML diagrams and flowcharts, you can use it to quickly create diagrams during the mind mapping process. 👉 Try to type "Shape1-->Shape2" to get an idea