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Best (easiest + most secure) way to manage passwords?

Are services like LastPass and Dashlane safe to use? Do they increase personal risk or can they actually reduce risk? If not, what do the security savvy of you recommend one does to ensure personal digital security (i.e. having different, 10 character passwords is extremely difficult & saving them on a common file seems crazy, so what is one to do?)
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  1. Daniel Marcinkowski
    Daniel MarcinkowskiContent & Community Manager @ Phase · Written
    I use 1Password all the time and I think it's the best password manager ever! It's beautiful, cross-platform and well integrated with OSes using share menu, keyboard shortcuts etc. Also, beside subscription-based cloud version there is also licensed version thats let you sync using service of your choice and even sync it locally using Wi-Fi!
    Max Alway-Townsend
    Max Alway-TownsendCEO and Founder @ Jobalo · Written
    It's great and can be downloaded on your computer also. You can easily click the links within 1Password and it will take you to the signup page of the specific website, filling in your info.
  2. Open source standard, available for all platforms, top security, community certified, you can have only local database and/or keep it sync/backup in cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, NextCloud,....), very good apps like Keepass2Android for instance.
  3. A new approach on password management: always secure generate your passwords in real-time (unique password always, everytime, for each service). No database, so nothing to hack or keep in sync/backup. The algorithm itself is the pass manager. Open source and starting to be a standard. Can be used offline or online. Apps for mobiles, desktop, online. Check website, on Play Store and Google search for "Maarten Billemont". Master Password for Android by devland is a nice implementation. The concept was already featured and described in the german print magazine
  4. Brad Zupp
    Brad ZuppAuthor, Speaker · Written
    Our minds are the ultimate hack-proof places to store our passwords. I'm a memory expert and memory athlete, and I wrote the book because I think everyone can do it if they understand a few simple, powerful techniques. Try it yourself - does it work for you?