Brandon Anzaldi
Brandon AnzaldiSoftware Engineer @ ToTheTens

What product/service do you pay monthly/annually for, and feel like it's worth it?

There are plenty of services we subscribe to because we have to, some because we want to, but what products and services do you use that you feel are truly worth the cost?
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    Any song. One tap away.

    Tudor Baidoc
    Tudor BaidocA Web & UI Designer ยท Written
    In my opinion, the best music streaming service out there. I use it everyday.
    JoรฃoLisbonโ€”Geekโ€”Dadโ€”Productโ€‹ Manager @Onfido ยท Written
    High quality music on the go or at the computer. I would be broke in no time buying music at the same rate I listen to new stuff on Spotify.
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    Nils Be
    Nils BeID UX/UI Designer ยท Written
    second that
  2. gokul
    gokulNot a fanboy. Tech enthusiast. ยท Edited
    I absolutely love this product/service. Their browser extensions and mobile apps are excellent too.
    Manuel Spaan
    Manuel SpaanTrainer at Cloudcarrier ยท Written
    I can't imagine my life without this Password manager. I use it on all my devices, and keep everything that's private in my Vault.
    Lenny Leiter
    Lenny LeiterFilm maker ยท Written
    Same here, super reliable and absolutely worth it
  3. Abraham
    Abrahamcr3at0r ยท Written
    Movies & New Original Series.
    Thalassa van Beek
    Thalassa van BeekOnline Marketing | Digital Nomad ยท Written
    Obviously :-)
    Can't live without.
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    Amazon Prime Now

    One-Hour delivery in cities across the US

    Xia Shao
    Xia Shaointerested in social media ยท Written
    receive the product so quickly.
    Vinit Agrawal
    Vinit Agrawal14Co-Founder at Tars ( ยท Written
    I got the subscription for this 2 days back and about to receive the first delivery using it, today. something which would usually take 1 week. i think for the price of this subscription, this service is pretty good.
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    Nils Be
    Nils BeID UX/UI Designer ยท Written
    Safed my ass a lot of times. And i like all the other Prime services too
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    Apple Music

    All the ways you love music. All in one place.

    DavisFounder at Digital Mix Agency ยท Written
    Need some good background music!
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    Clear, effective, mistake-free writing.

    Ilya Azovtsev ๐Ÿ’Œ+๐Ÿค–=๐Ÿš€
    Ilya Azovtsev ๐Ÿ’Œ+๐Ÿค–=๐Ÿš€5Help sales team close more in less time ยท Written
    there is a good free plan, but when you pay you receive much more
    Amol Wagh
    Amol WaghGame Marketer, Author, Tech Blogger ยท Written
    Very worth it if you're a blogger, writer, student or anything that involved writing on daily basis. I find it very worth it for the price, and they have good offers on annual subscriptions.
    Terri MacMillan
    Terri MacMillanCEO, Hakubishin Music ยท Written
    like a patient, knowledgeable editor friend.
    • Robert Melkonyan
      Robert MelkonyanCo Founder - Profunders Club

      When you use grammarly, they put some kind of advert for youtube, so when you watch youtube videos, it will stop and their advert will start. Note, this is not a youtube ad, this is an ad directly from them.

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    • Ben Adamski
      Ben AdamskiDeveloper. Storyteller. Collaborator.

      The browser extension is a must have, but I regularly pass my emails through this, or draft them in it just to catch dumb mistakes and make noticeable grammar improvements on the fly

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    Google Play Music

    Smarter, easier, and more assistive music streaming service

    Napoleon Suarez
    Napoleon SuarezFounder, Fishbox ยท Written
    The subscription for this also gets you a YouTube Red subscription. No ads in YouTube is everything!
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    Lukas Rathmann
    Lukas RathmannUX Designer @ PurePresents ยท Written
    It's also worth noting that you can upload your own stuff in case it's not available from them.
    AshwinWeb/Software developer ยท Written
    UX is great and I find all the music I listen here. (I use Spotify too)
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  8. Max Alway-Townsend
    Max Alway-TownsendCEO and Founder @ Jobalo ยท Written
    I love having all my files backed up online and being able to access them anywhere, also makes it easy for me to not use Google Docs
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    The best way to listen to Audiobooks on your iPhone

    DavisFounder at Digital Mix Agency ยท Written
    I love learning new stuff, and since I'm living in Los Angeles, this is a great way to learn the most while driving
    Nils Be
    Nils BeID UX/UI Designer ยท Written
    I love listening too books of all kind while cooking :) relaxing
    Totally worth it for long commutes, in the shower, getting dressed, while cooking, etc.
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    See every click, swipe and scroll on your site.

    Vinit Agrawal
    Vinit Agrawal14Co-Founder at Tars ( ยท Written
    Also this one
    • Ryan Hoover
      Ryan HooverFounder, Product Hunt

      When you're building a new products, user feedback is critical. You can gather feedback in a variety of ways, through in-person customer development interviews, surveys, and by simply looking at the data. I'm particularly fond of doing user testing (UserTesting is an awesome tool for this) although its only a "simulation" of what your users are actually doing.

      FullStory captures a screen recording of your site visitor's actions and behavior within (cue Steve Irwin impression) their natural environment. We've used it many times at Product Hunt to better understand how people are using new or beta features we're building. It's ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ.

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    • George Nurijanian
      George NurijanianPM, Online Republic

      They do one thing instead of many, and they do it well, but the pricing model didn't work all that well for us. Besides, it's still one step behind Amplitude and the likes in terms of seeing the customer journey. I would still recommend them for the search function.

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  11. I use it every day. High Quality software. Adobe Photoshop. Premiere, and After Effects are the best products around.
  12. Vinit Agrawal
    Vinit Agrawal14Co-Founder at Tars ( ยท Written
    This software brings so much value, and definitely worth its cost
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    Organize your life. Then go enjoy it.

    Aleksandra5Maker @ Planet:tech, Supergirls ยท Written
    Todoist really helps to increase productivity. I use it both for personal tasks and teamwork.
    Francis Kim
    Francis KimFull Stack Human ยท Written
    Just started using this yesterday - still on the free plan but the features look amazing.
    • haabe
      haabeDeveloper @ Snopp Designbyrรฅ

      We were looking for a tool to replace Asana, and after initially testing Todoist, became certain it could be the tool for us. But sharing projects is a PITA. There's no easy way to let your team have access to all newly created projects. Also, the projects structure isn't shared, so sharing a new subproject causes havoc in the teammate's projects structure, and the teammate needs to manually configure the projects structure according to it's intended layout.

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    • The Todoist app is ruthlessly efficient in helping me capture my tasks no matter when or where I am. Bring collaborators into a project, or a task is a snap. When I'm creating a recurring task, and hopefully a positive habit, or when I am reflecting on my productivity, Todoist works.

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    A beautiful, flexible writing app for notes and prose

    Beautiful design and innovative controls streamline the UX... allows me to completely focus on my writing. You have to pay to get syncing b/t devices but it's reasonably priced and it's run by a small team so I don't mind paying
    • Justin Deardorff
      Justin DeardorffHunter/Gatherer of Ideas

      I searched high and low for a replacement to the Mac OS default Notes app, which is incredibly limited in functionality and insufficient for my needs. I had one twist - I needed to find a note taking app for Mac that did not sync or store notes in the cloud. Bear does just that and it happens to be great. I really enjoy the hashtag categorization system and ability to have multiple tags on a note. It's a twist on Evernote style tags, but with a lighter-weight style of notebook organization and management.

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    • Scot Krueger
      Scot KruegerFounder of

      Overall I love Bear. It is beautifully designed. I love the simple interface and the ability to tag notes is amazing. It makes searching for old notes so much easier. This is better than Apple Notes and I love it so much more than Evernote.

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    AND CO

    Invoicing, Expenses, Contracts & Payments for freelancers

    This app is truly the best for freelancers. Helps you manage your freelance business, staying on top of your clients, invoicing and expenses. Definitely something to check out for those that are working on going out on their own, have side hustles, or want to organize their existing freelance business.
    • Matt N
      Matt NIndependent Designer/Developer in LA

      I've tried every time-tracking/invoicing app there is for freelancers, but when I finally tried AND CO I was instantly sold!

      Both the web app and mobile app are a delight to use. They are fast and just work without any hiccups. The features are great and have helped me save a ton of time on admin work. Sending an invoice or a contract is a breeze. You also get a real, live human to ask for help! Need to invoice a client? Have a question about your taxes? Simply send a message to your CO and they will always have your back!

      Their dev team is also great! I requested a couple features and they were released within a few weeks. That showed me that the team at AND CO listen to their customers and give me confidence to use this app for the long-term.

      It's not often that I fall in love with an app. AND CO is the exception. Highly recommended.

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    • Makes it super easy to invoice in a beautiful simple way that clients love. Offering credit card, PayPal and bank ACH payments really feels like it helps me get paid faster and looks professional. It's also a breeze to confirm that I've received payment and is helpful to get reminders of outstanding invoices. Love hearing the chime when money rolls in.


      Can't believe I forgot to mention the support crew. I'm so used to banking/financial apps making service an afterthought. Whenever I have a question or issue they're on it within minutes and always eager to help.

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    Revue 2.0

    The easiest way to create and send a curated newsletter

    Bas Grasmayer
    Bas GrasmayerMUSIC x TECH x FUTURE ยท Written
    I use this to stay connected to my network and keep them up to date about what I'm doing. Super easy to use, which helps you over the barrier of starting a newsletter in the first place. Now have about 1500 people following the list -- and managed to maintain an open rate of nearly 50% after more than a year.
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  17. Bas Grasmayer
    Bas GrasmayerMUSIC x TECH x FUTURE ยท Written
    So easy to manage my social media. Social media is about consistency. This lets you set schedules and push content out to that schedule. So I'm never worried that I'm not hitting people in certain timezones, or that my feed will go silent if I get busy for a few days... :-)
    LOVE Buffer. It saves me so much time and makes it easy to juggle multiple accounts. It's also great for teams.
    Thalassa van Beek
    Thalassa van BeekOnline Marketing | Digital Nomad ยท Written
    I second that! Although I really wish there was something in between the $10 and $99 plan... the one offers too little for me, the other too much. By the way, I do love them not only as a product, but as a company as well. They're 100% remote but with a super strong team spirit, and they constantly get on the phone with random customers to understand their desires & frustrations.
  18. 7

    A web app for structuring your thoughts into lists

    Tracy Marshall
    Tracy MarshallConnecting One Dot at A Time ยท Written
    Allows you to create your own universe out of your to-do and project lists via infinite outlining. Was inspired by Workflowy, but way more powerful. You can quickly create a wormhole-like link to anyother other location or topic. Comes with it's own formatting. Best of all you can seamlessly drill down via infinite outlining and puts you more in a state of hyper-focus. Learning curve? Yes, if you want t get serious, you must learn all the keyboard shorcuts.
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  19. 6

    End-to-end encrypted email - now on iOS & Android

    Michel Rijnders
    Michel RijndersChanging business ยท Written
    Best privacy first email out there.
  20. 5

    Unlimited data backup for your Mac or PC for just $5/month

    Adam Simonides
    Adam SimonidesLearning Cocoa, Mac lover, โ€ฆquadriplegic ยท Written
    The best off-side backup service.
    • Backing up works incredibly well. Restoring is a nightmare.

      Restoring my ~350 GB backup via zip turned out to take a week to make the zip file available. Which is preposterous. They say you can get a USB hard drive shipped, which is faster, so I did that. Nope, that also takes the exact same amount of time. While I was waiting for the hard drive to ship my zip file finished and was ready to download. It took me 3 more days to download the file.

      All told it took 9 days to recover my backup. I've been using this product for years and recommending it to everyoneโ€”I feel like a complete idiot. I never noticed that they intentionally avoid revealing how long a restore takes. Even after you start the restore, they don't try to estimate how long it takes because it's so egregious. This company has been around 10 years! I have no idea how the product can be so poor after an entire decade.

      And the worst part is the complete indifference and lack of shits their customer support seemed to give. I talked to three or so different people and every single one of them made it abundantly clear that they couldn't possibly care less about how slow their restore feature is, and it was my fault for assuming their product was better than it was and believing their marketing site.

      The whole experience was vile.

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