Josh HuffCEO/Founder of Quiver, Inc

What is the best email service for sending over 1-2 million emails a month?

Recently the company I work for acquired another business which had over 1 million users at one point. I've been having trouble finding an email service that I feel will be able to handle this heavy of a load. So far I've looked into SendGrid and MailChimp but I haven't been blown away by either.
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    360 degree Email Marketing Automation

    You could contact the SendX team and see what custom plans they have.
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    Send marketing and transactional emails with one account

    Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale · Written
    Hey Josh. All of the big transactional/campaign email services will be able to handle that volume. Make sure you contact them after signing up and let them know. Mail providers tend to shut down high volume accounts quickly if you don't have a track record of sending email with them (due to how much people use their services for abuse). It's going to be the ease of sending/deliverability that will make the biggest difference in your case. If this is a 1 time email. Personally, I'd avoid transactional and would send it as a campaign. Just because any transactional mails require custom development. All of the "campaign" providers allow you to design in a WYSIWIG interface & send. Could break your list into multiple parts and send multiple campaigns throughout the month. For best deliverability, I'd first look at using the other companies domain / whatever service they used to send email. Because there is a track record of emails from that address & the users are familiar with the name. If people see email coming from something they don't recognize, high possibility of them marking as spam. At PH we use Mailjet. They're great & handle both Transactional/Campaign. But in your case, I'd try to use whatever provider they were already using to send mail.
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    Sparkpost is a great service and very reasonable pricing. $200 for 1M emails/month
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    Sendy version 2.0

    Send newsletters, 100x cheaper

    It's a slick nimble tool! Uses Amazon SES and way cheaper. For per 10,000 emails it'll cost you $1. Just that it's self hosted.
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    Send newsletters 100x cheaper.

    Best and very efficient email sending option.
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    Email marketing for Freelancers & Small Business

    varjuntej made this product
    You can send 1-2 million emails at low cost using bullmailer + amazon ses. It cost 99$ at amazon ses for 1m emails. Cheap and best service by amazon. We will help with email marketing software to send emails from amazon ses. We have list building, drag and drop builder, email automation and many more features at bullmailer.
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    free email marketing solution for entrepreneurs

    You can send up to 1.5 million emails on their self-service plan that includes a bunch of additional features including robust marketing automation.